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Feeling Shaggy? DIY Quarantine Haircuts

Amanda Thomas News Item

Amanda Thomas

1 minute read

During our morning coffee chats at Indy Hall, I’ve been hearing that a lot of folks (especially men folk) are really wanting haircuts right now.

I successfully* cut my husband’s hair yesterday. We got a clipper and a set of guards, I watched a bunch of YouTube videos, and it went reasonably well.

Here’s an assembly of the videos that I found most helpful. The first video is also geared for folks who are cutting their own hair without anyone to help.

Here’s a good overview of cutting your own hair with clippers.

Clippers and guards for beginning barbers.

Scissor techniques for beginners.

Other things that I learned:

  • Starting with the largest guard was helpful. It gave me a chance to get used to the tool without doing irreparable damage to the haircut.
  • Stand on the side that you’re cutting. Also, regularly take a step back to look at things.
  • A comb and a spritz bottle of water were also really useful for seeing how the haircut was shaping up.
  • Cutting the sides and back was pretty straightforward. We decided to forgo trimming the top until (1) the hair is longer and (hopefully) easier to manage, and (2) we have a better pair of scissors.

Hope this helps!

If you find other resources or tips, please let us know and we’ll add them!

* Success = My husband still has hair. Said hair is shorter than previously. No one is bleeding.