Indy Hall’s 3 Cs

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HUGE thanks to Mike Jackson for his amazing hand-lettering, and Sean Martorana for doing the print layout and color variations.

Caring For Yourself

Need to know where to sit, where to go in an emergency, or where to get supplies? This guide is for you!

Where to sit: Black desks are for full time members, tan desks are for flex (or part time) members. If you are full time, feel free to leave your belongings on your desk. If you’re working at a tan desk, please clear it when you leave so other members can sit there!

Fun tip! Try sitting at different pods- it’s a great way to meet new people! (This goes for full and part time members)!

Internet: Please be responsible and respectful when using our internet. Bittorent and porn are absolutely not allowed. Large (1GB+) downloads or uploads during business hours aren’t strictly prohibited, but it’s rude to hog bandwidth. If you’re having trouble connecting, please ask a core team member.

Day Passes: You can reserve a Day Pass here, but they are not required. Come by, there’s always room to work!

Guests: Guests are welcome at Indy Hall. If they are staying longer than a meeting, they should purchase a day pass. Importantly– Your guests are your responsibility! It is up to you to make sure they are following Indy Hall’s 3 Cs

Mail: If you’d like your mail delivered to Indy hall, please speak to one of the core team members about it first at The one vital rule is that you MUST pick up your mail, otherwise it builds up and we start to lose our minds. Please track packages so you know when to pick them up!

Emergency Exits: During normal workdays, all members and guests should enter and exit from the front door at 399 Market Street, or if you’re biking, from the garage.

In case of an emergency, use the stairs to exit, and follow the instructions of the core team members.

Caring for Each Other

Indy Hall is not your average office- we are a community, and we take care of each other. Caring is an awesome benefit of being a member here; we will take care of you, and in turn, we ask you to keep a few things in mind to take care of your fellow members.

Working in Indy Hall:

Your equipment and professional liability is your responsibility.

Respect other people’s personal and business privacy.

Anyone who behaves in a manner that is destructive to the space or other participants may be asked to leave.


Noisy Neighbors: We love the constant hum of people getting things done. If someone nearby is a little too loud, however, please do not hesitate to let them know! You’re likely not the only one thinking that, and the noisy person might not realize they are bothering someone.

Phone Calls: Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who wants/needs to use the phone from time to time. Just about everyone here is cognizant of one another when it comes to our phone conversations. You’re the best judge of how your phone conversations will be- casual client conversations are easily managed at your desk. You can also move to the extremities of Indy Hall- just far enough away from the general population to provide for a calm call. If you think your conversation is going to be loud or last too long, check out our sweet phone booths. If a conference room is open, you can also take calls in there.

Keyholders: Some of our members have keys to Indy Hall. If you would like to stay after hours, find a keyholder and coordinate with their schedule. If you are one of the last members in the Hall, keyholders may ask you to leave at the end of the night. Please respect their schedules! If you want to become a keyholder, talk to Adam or Anaia, and read over this page for everything you need to know.

Caring for this Place

This may be the nit-pickiest part of your introduction to Indy Hall. While it is a lot of details to remember, what this guide provides for you is the ability to take care of your fellow Indy Hall members and the space where we all work (and play!). We are proud of Indy Hall, both as a community and as a physical space, and we care about keeping it presentable!

Easy rule of thumb: Leave any space you use as you found it, or better than how you found it.


Art: Art and decoration are welcome- we recommend coordinating with Indy Hall Arts’ lead curator Sean Martorana to make your installation look excellent.

Supplies: Are we running low on something? Paper towels, hand soap, first aid, and other supplies live in the grey pantry next to the sink. Does it look like we are running low on reserves? Drop an email to and we will place an order!

Desks, and the things that go on or around them: BYODesk? Actually, we’re rather fond of our desks, and everyone uses the same style desk for a reason: it puts us all on the same playing field. After all, we’re all here to play together- right? Our desks happen to be one of the few consistent elements here at Indy Hall, next to excellent people and awesome coffee, and we like to maintain that uniform foundation. 

Chairs: If you have a preferred chair, please bring it and use it! In fact, we encourage full time members to bring their own chairs to free up Indy Hall’s chairs to flex members. When it comes to switching chairs, as long as you’re not permanently borrowing a chair from a Full-Time member’s desk, feel free to switch it up! Not feeling a particular chair and hoping to save someone else from the trouble? Let Adam or Anaia know!

Monitors to borrow: You can use any of the monitors on the shelf next to the printer for the day, just be careful with them and put ’em back.

Kitchen Care

We have lots to cover, since it’s one of the most common gathering places!

Coffee: no one likes going to the coffee maker and finding the saddest thing in the world- an empty pot! If you finish the coffee, be awesome and make some more!

Don’t know how? Ask anyone nearby, Adam or Anaia, or check out the instructions on the grinder.


Fridge: having somewhere to store your lunch is pretty cool. Sharing that space with a community of 250+ can be far less chill. As a rule, we encourage members to only use the fridge for daily use. If you bring your lunch, please label your food with your name and the date. Unlabeled food will be thrown out during our fridge cleanout every month

Dishes: Do your dishes. Do someone else’s dishes. Someday you will forget, and will rely on someone else doing you the same favor.

Is the dishwasher full? Run it! Dishwasher tablets are under the sink- put one in the dishwasher cup on the door, lock the cup door, close the jawn, and press “on.” Don’t forget to change the sign to “cleaning”! The sign should tell you the status of the dishwasher- if you’re unsure, check inside- if you see coffee or other non-clear liquids, those mugs aren’t clean.


Beer: We like to share! Our beer supply lives and dies by the mantra of TOLO- Take one, leave one. Please help yourself, but also please contribute for the next person.

Printer: It’s for you to use! Given how many members we have, it does a pretty great job! Please remember that there are a lot of people who need to use it, so if you have a huge print job, please head over to the UPS store or FedEx.

Is it telling you the toner is low? Let Adam or Anaia handle it.

Trash and Cleaning: Do you see a mess? Clean it up, JFDI!

If the trash can is full, please take it out and put in a clean bag! Clean trash bags are located in the bottom drawer to the left of the fridge. Trash gets taken out by folks from the building every night, but if it’s full, you can put the full bag right next to the can.

If you need help with any of these items, please ask Anaia, Adam, or any of our members! We are happy to help!