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Working on starting or growing a community space of your own?

Indy Hall is one of the oldest independent coworking spaces in the world, profitable since 4 months after we opened and consistently growing for over a decade.

We’ve learned so much along the way; that includes our own hands-on experiences, as well as lessons learned advising and coaching thousands of coworking spaces in cities and towns and villages around the entire globe.

How to learn from and work with our expert team

If you’re just starting out with your research, or looking for 1-1 hands on expert advice, we have options for you!

Free! Alex Hillman’s Blog, newsletter, and podcast.

Indy Hall co-founder Alex Hillman has been publicly documenting the experience and decisions of starting and growing Indy Hall since before he’d ever heard of coworking!

Popular posts include:

He also (intermittently) publishes The Coworking Weekly Show, a podcast for independent coworking operators.

(p.s. word of advice, don’t name your show “weekly” until you know you’re going to publish weekly, heh)

Audiobook: “The First Ten: How to build a coworking community before signing a lease”

“The First Ten” tells the story of how we built our community before opening a coworking space, and the most important lessons you should learn before you even open your doors. Co-narrated by Alex Hillman & Adam Teterus. 

Chapters include:

  • Our first community event
  • Let’s talk money
  • Partnership & payoff
  • The perfect space is a lie
  • A modern day barn raising
  • And more!

Buy your copy for $39.

Get unstuck with 1-1 support from Indy Hall co-founder Alex Hillman.

This 60 minute strategic consulting option works best when you already know what problem or question you want help with. We’ll collect some background/context on the problems or questions over email before our call.

With that information and context in hand, Alex will start reviewing/researching/composing his thoughts before your appointment (without the meter running) to make sure you get the most of the “live” time you have together.

Afterwards you get a recording of the call along with Alex’s notes and distilled notes & recommendations.

Reserve your session for $299.

Questions about if this is right for you? Email

Three Session Strategic Consulting Series w/Alex.

This option is better for ongoing strategic projects where you may want to bring Alex in for expert guidance and support at multiple stages of the work.

For this price, you save a hundred dollars by purchasing a set of three x 60 minute sessions in advance. You can use these sessions any time within a 6 month period after purchasing.

After each call you get a recording of the call along with Alex’s notes and distilled notes & recommendations.

As a bonus, you also get two brief (15 minute) “lifeline” calls for those “ah, shit!” situations where a few minutes of expert, outside perspective can save you a bunch of headache, or wasted time/money. (Alex does his best to make sure these calls happen within 24 hours.)

Save 10% + Bonus Lifeline Calls

Questions about if this is right for you? Email

New for 2019! High Impact Coworking Coaching w/Alex

Note: limited seats – currently 2 available.

This offer is specifically for coworking operators who are already in motion e.g. 2+ years of active membership, profitable or close to it, some sense of community).

You’re beyond the startup phase and ready to start “tuning” your community and your business, reduce yourself as a dependency, and set/reach high-value goals with your coworking space.

Think of this like having a “trainer” like you’d have at the gym, except for the aspects of community leadership, communications, and business strategy that are unique to high-impact and high-value coworking. We’ll front-load some strategic work, agree on specific goals to focus on, and then Alex will develop a custom roadmap for you to put that plan into action. You’ll get proactive weekly check ins, and help with course-correction along the way.

This coaching program is new for 2019 and is offered at an intro price of ~$249/month, min commitment of 6 months.

Email if you’re interested in applying for this unique coaching program, or have questions about if it’s right for you.