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Indy Hall today features around 350 independent entrepreneurs and freelancers, creatives and remote workers.

But back in 2006 when we started, these kinds of work weren’t quite as common as they are today. Indy Hall co-founder Alex Hillman was a freelancer himself, and realized that independent work could be pretty lonely.

Alex missed the camaraderie he’d found in the companies he’d worked for in the past. He longed to bounce ideas off of creative colleagues, and learn from each others successes and challenges. Anything was better for his creativity and productivity than the isolation of working alone.

So, he set out to find likeminded creatives in the city he loved…wherever they might be hiding. With each person he found hidden away in their home offices or camped out at cafe tables, he found the friends and colleagues and co-conspirators who also saw a brighter future for Philadelphia.

Soon after, Indy Hall was born as Philly’s first coworking space. Today, it’s one of the oldest independent spaces in the world!

Interested in a more detailed story?

In this episode of Philly Who, host Kevin Chemidlin learns how a group of fellow independents found each other, and how they had the crazy idea to actually do their work in the same place. Alex shares how he and the community built Indy Hall from the ground up, how they lead a worldwide coworking revolution from their Old City outpost, and how you can get involved.

“Indy Hall is great because no one person is the smartest person in the room. Everyone is really good at something. And you’re really good at something. And your probably don’t realize that thing is valuable until you share it with someone else. Everyone has something to give. Everyone has something to teach.”

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