ACH Payment Form

If you’re able to pay with a bank transfer rather than a credit card, you can help us save ~2% on transaction fees using this form. Every little bit helps!

  1. Type in the total dollar amount of your prepayment.
  2. Click theAdd” button below to connect to your bank and authorize a one-time payment of the amount specified.
  3. Follow the steps, which include logging into your bank, and choosing the checking or savings account you wish to pay from.
  4. Click “Authorize one-time payment.”
  5. That’s it!

This secure form powered by Jotform, Plaid, and Stripe will authenticate with your bank seamlessly and begin an ACH transfer.

Security note: no bank information will actually be saved or transmitted to our servers, and this authorization cannot be used again for future payments.

Thanks for your support! ❤️