Event Close-Down Procedure

???? Like the rest of Philly, our coworking space is temporarily closed due to COVID19.
Read more, and stay safe out there: https://indyhall.org/covid19

Thank you for hosting an event at Indy Hall!
It means a lot to us that you feel welcome here and host friends in our space. We appreciate that you run your event with our 3 guiding principles:

At Indy Hall, we

  • Take care of ourselves.
  • Take care of each other.
  • Take care of this place.

INFO & INVITATIONS (for Meetup Attendees)

  • Visit Indy Hall any day for a Tour or Day Pass. Indy Hall is open Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm. Visit www.indyhall.org to book a visit, or email info@indyhall.org for more information.
  • Every First Friday is free at Indy Hall. We call it “Open Hall”, and day passes are free all day, 9am to 6pm. Whether it’s your first visit or you’re already a member, it’s a great day to be here.
  • Save $10 on a Day Pass if you’re working at Indy Hall the day of a meetup. If your event is in the evening and you want to work here at Indy Hall before-hand, let us know and we’ll give you the discount. Visit https://hello.indyhall.org/guest-discount/ or email info@indyhall.org for more details.


  • Please make sure the space(s) you used for the event are clean and back in usable order for the next day.
    • Large, banquet tables get 6 chairs (1 on each end, 4 around the sides), pushed in
    • Small, round tables get 2-3 chairs, pushed in
  • Wipe down surfaces with Method Spray if necessary. This is particularly helpful if you served food at your event. No one wants to put their laptop on a sticky table!
  • Make sure no items are left behind from the event. Keep an eye out for phone chargers and computer power cables, phones, umbrellas, notebooks, water bottles, etc. 
  • Trash goes in the trash can! There’s one in the corner under the windows. If it’s too full please don’t shove trash in it or leave trash on top. There are extra trash bags in the kitchen, just switch out the full for an empty one. You can leave the full bag next to the trashcan, tied. 
  • Recycling goes in the receptacle in the kitchen, unless you’re disposing of glass. Help protect all of the building’s custodial staff from injury by leaving the glass to the side of the receptacle, on the floor. 
  • If you have extra and unused disposable stuff, like napkins or forks, they can join our collection in the storage closet in the kitchen. 
  • The big rolling whiteboard should be left out of the way, somewhere that folks don’t need to walk around it to move around the gallery. That’s usually up against the PHILLYTRON. 
  • Projector is turned off, projector screen is up.

Check to see if you’re the last person to leave. Is there anyone else here at Indy Hall? If they are a keyholder, you’re good to leave after you’ve cleaned up your event area. If they don’t have a key, they will have to leave along with you.

  • If you’re the last to leave Indy Hall, please turn off the lights. Light switches can be found:
    • Sidecar: next to the couch in the extension space
    • Gallery: above the couch to the right of our entrance
    • Main Room: to the left of the entrance, between the door and vending machine. 
    • Kitchen/West Wing: to the left of Indy Hall mural, between the water cooler and coat rack.
    • String lights can stay on.
    • Turtle tank can stay on.