Our Members

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Indy Hall is not a community of people who all create, desire, or do the same thing. Our connection to each other isn’t driven by strictly defined goals, professional or otherwise. That has to be a consequence of the incredible variety of projects that each of us has their hands in, at any given time.

The Venn diagram of “What do people do at Indy Hall” would be practically illegible for all the infinitely tiny overlapping circles. You’d be hard-pressed to find a member of Indy Hall who can be reduced to their profession. (That’s true everywhere but it’s apparent here to a unique magnitude.)

Take a peek into the lives of our members, past and present, with these interviews:

Pam Selle – tech-witch, movement-speaker, and constant contributor to Indy Hall’s evolution

Taylor Hopper – recent grad on a quest to carve her own path 

Emma Sindelar – directing education efforts for incarcerated and returning citizens in an interview with WURD Radio 

Arielle Tannenbaum – people person, community builder, and experience designer 

Lachlan Priest – schooling us all on the differences between Philly and Singapore, kiwi and kiwifruit, while helping businesses grow through customer relations

Neil Bardhan – beard wearer, storyteller, consultant, and cognitive science PhD… in that order  

Jag Talon – constant adventurer, powerlifter, and developer 

Sarah Prasuhn – telling us in her own words how Philly won her heart

Listen to countless more member interviews here.