For Employees

???? Like the rest of Philly, our coworking space is temporarily closed due to COVID19.
Read more, and stay safe out there:

All the fixin’s of a typical office, plus a little extra. 

Yep, we have coffee, conference rooms, high-speed internet. We also have tons of great events, hammocks, and a turtle. 

If you bring your team to Indy Hall, each of your team members become one of our own. That’s a win/win. 

Billing account

Provide billing info and your billing email, so you can put everyone’s invoice in one place, every time. There’s a set rate per person, (depending on membership level) and no hidden fees. Each member of your team will have their own membership, but all the “paperwork” goes straight to you. 

We got mail!

Make us your official business address, for google, taxes, or just your mail. We receive mail, sort it, and notify you when it arrives. 

Keep on the pulse 

Business, the arts, and all of the things that our creative community cares about are at your team’s fingertips. We’re hoping that they’ll contribute, too. 

A community in your pocket

Join our thriving online community, where you can join in conversations about everything from freelance and business best practices to comic books and music.

A monthly calendar packed with professional, social, and educational events

We have a mix of events almost every week ranging from casual get togethers to intensive learning opportunities. Events are generally free or discounted for members to attend, and open to the public with an RSVP or a ticket depending on the event. 

Most of our best events come from members suggesting and running events themselves, so you really get to know what members are interested in by looking at our calendar. 

Want more about teams who called Indy Hall home?

Listen to Emma from Petey Greene being interviewed on WURD radio.