Planning Events at Indy Hall

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???? Like the rest of Philly, our coworking space is temporarily closed due to COVID19.
Read more, and stay safe out there:

You have an idea for an event at Indy Hall! Awesome!

At this point, you should have talked to Adam or Anaia about your idea- they’ll help you figure out how it can make sense for our community. 

This guide is based on the best practices we’ve found work at Indy Hall. Hopefully, it’ll help you solidify your idea, and this information will help us signal-boost your event so it’s the best it can possibly be! 

1. We do things together, from the beginning to the end. Don’t wait until the day of to find people to help you out, get a team together as soon as possible. 

2. Part of your team will include a Key Holder. A “Key Holder” is someone who:

  • can stay during off-hours
  • can help with closing and locking-up after the event.
  • has a high level of trust and connection with the community, setting the standard for taking care of these people, this place and themselves.

3. The very best events at Indy Hall are inclusive and invite participation from more than one “corner” of the Indy Hall community. Always be asking:

  • How does this event bring members of the community together?
  • How can members contribute?
  • How can members attend?

4. Plan to follow-up on the event with Anaia and Adam one week after it happens. We want to know how it went, what worked, what didn’t, how we can do it even better next time.

5. Communication is key: share as much as you can, as often as you can – listen twice as much. Members have been running badass events for years, and they have great insight. And make sure to keep Anaia and Adam in the loop!

If any of this looks hard, that’s okay! These are a few of the things you’ll want to keep in mind at all times while you organize, and Anaia and Adam (and the entire Indy Hall community) are here to support! 

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