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Many members enjoy the rite of passage that comes with making their first pot of coffee at Indy Hall. Making a fresh pot is an excellent way to let other members know that you care about their caffeine-controlled sanity.

The big machine in the kitchen might look intimidating, but making coffee at Indy Hall is really easy to learn.

Community Tip – Ask for Coffee Coaching

Having another member guide you through the steps is an easy way to make a new friend. Most members sitting in close proximity to the kitchen know what’s what when it comes to the coffee machine, or you can ask for a lesson using GroupBuzz or Slack.

Screenshot of a Slack message by Michael Norcross saying "I made my first few friends at Indy Hall by asking for help making coffee. I think I asked for help 5 times because that thing was intimidating.

Making a fresh pot of JFBI

  1. Place a single filter under the grinder, the machine with a big clear container with coffee beans in it to the right of the coffee maker. Filters are stacked on top of the coffee maker.
  2. Make sure the coffee grinder has enough beans! If it’s super low (less than 3 inches) you can grab some more from the stash in the cabinet under the coffee station
    Notice we’re running low on coffee bean reserves? Tell us, drop it in #indyhallops in slack, or email us so we can place an order.
  3. Press start and wait. The grinder is on an automatic timer, so it will stop when the right amount of grounds come through.
  4. Take out the basket and dump both the old filter and grounds right into the compost, the green bucket next to the trash can.
  5. Pop the new filter full of fresh grounds into the basket.
  6. Slide the filter basket back into the machine. Make sure it’s secure!
  7. Press the “Start” toggle button on the coffee maker, and listen for the gratifying “woosh” as the water begins to flow.

We do our best to keep the cream and sugar supply stocked. If you notice us running low, drop a line to and we’ll stock up.

If you’re feeling the JFDI spirit, Lake Blue (3rd & Market, with the blue awning) sells both cream and sugar, just bring us a receipt and we’ll credit your membership account.