Open Hall

???? Like the rest of Philly, our coworking space is temporarily closed due to COVID19.
Read more, and stay safe out there:

Every First Friday at Indy Hall is a free coworking day.

Whether you’re a new friend who hasn’t had a tour yet or an old friend we haven’t seen in a while, First Fridays are a great day to work from Indy Hall. Enjoy a coworking guest pass, totally free, all day long.

You can have a productive day out of the house (or those crappy café seats), have lunch while making some new friends, play a round of chess, crash a conversation about who-knows-what.

Tell a friend and come in with someone you know – the more, the merrier at Open Hall.

Want more about Open Hall?

Check out this blog post that Elayna wrote to tell you all about it.