Core Value: Sustainablity

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The “green” benefits of Indy Hall are obvious: resource sharing has inherent sustainability benefits. Reducing commutes is good for humans and the environments they share. Our workspace uses all low-energy LED lighting systems (along with tons of natural light). We strive to recycle and compost as much as possible.

But in a modern society, we believe that these efforts are a baseline that all individuals and businesses are responsible for. Our environmental sustainability efforts are important, but are only the surface of this core value.

Sustainability is about making sure that whatever you’re doing can be done for as long as it needs to be done.

 “The thing about sustainability is you have to sustain it.” 

– Ron Finley, Guerilla Gardening in South Central LA

Indy Hall is a community that is able to provide for itself and doesn’t exclude itself from external sources of nourishment – but it remains free, sustainable, and independent.

We focus on growing in a way that depends on no one except for the people who benefit most from the resources we rally.

We don’t have to answer to investors or banks or anybody besides ourselves.

We answer to the most important people: our community.

The people and businesses we support will live as our reflections.

We see our members often gain sustainability by:

We firmly believe that the longer Indy Hall is able to do what it does best, the healthier the people and businesses who work from it will be.