I don’t need a place to work, can I still join?

I don’t need a place to work, can I still join?

Common misconception: coworking is for when you need a desk!

Whether you hope to be able to work from Indy Hall’s coworking space in the future, or you just want to be more connected to a community of likeminded professionals (but don’t need a physical place to work), there’s a ton of value you can access from anywhere with our Online Membership.

For just $20/month, or $200/year (10% off) you can sign up and get instant access to our community tools and virtual gathering spaces (like Slack and Groupbuzz, see below) and a calendar of events, many of which you can participate in from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Plus, Online Membership gets you discounted day passes… just in case you do want to come work with us once in a while!

Online Membership is for anybody who wants to connect with our community, even if they don’t need another office. It’s a super valuable option for members who have moved away from Indy Hall as well as folks who work elsewhere but still yearn for a community to belong to. IRL or otherwise, we’re happy to have you.

Groupbuzz is our members-only email discussion list

Slack is like a watercooler full of special interest chat rooms,
everything from business & productivity to movies & comic books

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