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“…I didn’t have other people to turn to who did podcasting, and who wanted to talk about that.
Don’t skimp on finding community.”

– Sara Wachter-Boettcher, co-host of Strong Feelings

It’s intimidating, frustrating, and lonely to growing a podcast from a fun side project into something sustainable.

It’s easy to be excited about your show when it’s brand new and the sky is the limit.

But once you start to see a little traction, and you want to figure out how to take your show to the next level, it’s so easy to get stuck in your own head.

There’s a zillion questions and each is more overwhelming than the last, especially when you don’t have other podcasters to turn to.

There’s audience and promotion…

  • How do I reach a wider audience beyond just my friends on social media?
  • What do I do if my show stops growing?
  • Are people absolutely sick of hearing about my show? Are my social media posts working?

…and technology and gear and equipment…

  • Should you invest in higher-quality microphones? Which kinds will make you and your guests sound best?
  • Can you do anything to prevent painful tech issues?

…and format and workflow…

  • What’s a tactful way of inviting a big name guest to be on my show?
  • How much time should I be spending on each episode? Are there better ways to streamline my process?
  • Who can I trust to give me excellent feedback on what would take my show to the next level?

…and don’t forget money and business…

  • Should I be on Patreon? Who do I know who can tell me how to use Patreon?
  • Do I need a sponsor deck? Do I even want sponsors? How else can this thing make money or at least pay for itself?
  • What other creative ways can my podcast support me and my business or career?

Improving the quality of your show, tightening the format, finding and growing an audience, making a reliable recording schedule, stock-piling episodes for the future, and figuring out how to make money is a ton of work.

Especially if you’re doing it alone.

Over the last few years, more and more Indy Hall members and friends have started successful shows, but most of them work in total isolation from one another. They’re solving the same problems, running into the same limitations, and seeking similar goals in making their shows impactful, sustainable, and awesome.

So using everything we’ve learned about building communities at Indy Hall, we decided to start something to help you make your podcasts better than ever, and get you connected to people working on the same thing.

That’s why we’re building a new Indy Hall membership: The Podcaster’s Junto.

It’s a club for experienced podcasters who want to:

  1. level up production quality
  2. grow their listenership
  3. create episodes that have an impact on their audience

All of that while being supported by a community of fellow podcasters who are working on their shows and eager to support yours.

What the heck is a Junto?

While folks can’t agree on how it’s pronounced (I stand by JOON-TOH), Ben Franklin’s original “club for mutual improvement” paved the way for a modern Junto organized during the early days of Indy Hall and later, into a 2 day retreat for thoughtful business owners. In all cases, these groups of people came together regularly in pursuit of mutual improvement, in pursuit of personal/professional growth.

So, inspired by these Juntos, we’re starting a collection of Juntos at Indy Hall including this one for podcasters! Our goal is to build a tight knit community of creators focused on producing, sharing, and improving our shows…and doing it together.

What comes with Podcast Junto Membership?

Every person who joins the Podcast Junto will have access to:

???? The Junto Discussion List

Introduce yourself to the community on our private discussion list. You can use (and access) this list any time to post questions, share ideas, and get feedback on your show. 

???? Online Events & Community Resources!

Opportunities to learn skills and techniques to improve your show (and teach the stuff you’ve learned the hard way) at monthly roundtables, workshops, and show & tells.

Worried you won’t have the time to trek across the city for another meeting? We get it! That’s why all of our events are accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection. 

???? Professional microphones and a central recording space!

Wanna impress a guest, or elevate the sound quality of your show?

Come record on the pro microphones + recording room our Old City coworking space. Reserve time ahead with easy online booking, just for Junto members. 

Equipment includes:

  • Microphones: Shure BETA 87A – studio-quality vocal microphones with a warm, smooth pickup make you sound like the professionals. Great for recording voiceovers as well as podcasts. 
  • Professional USB Audio Interface: Tascam – don’t worry about learning a fancy mixer with a hundred knobs, plug this simple device directly into your laptop’s USB port and instantly record from the professional microphones into your favorite software. 
  • Microphone stands, pop filters, studio headphones, etc – just sit down and start recording! Bring your laptop, your scripts, yourself and your co-hosts or guests. We’ve got everything else you need.

???? Special “Podcast Producer” coworking nights!

Nothing beats procrastination on big improvements to your show like working alongside fellow podcasters. Come in and work on your show, your sponsor deck, promotion, etc alongside fellow Junto members.

Podcast Junto membership comes in three sizes:

JUNTO ONLINE Community Member – $50/mo
Become a member of our online community of podcasting pros. Participate in internet-based events and community coaching video calls to give everyone the boost they need to set and reach goals, learn new techniques, and more. 

JUNTO STUDIO 2x – $60/mo
Everything included in the Junto Online membership, plus two recording sessions per month in the Indy Hall Studio recording your show on our professional microphones. 

JUNTO STUDIO 4x – $90/mo
Everything included in the Junto Online membership, plus four recording sessions per month in the Indy Hall Studio recording your show on our professional microphones. 

Note: Recording sessions include 2 hours in our recording space with full access to our equipment. Additional recording sessions are $30 per 2 hours.

Podcast Junto membership also includes Indy Hall’s “Online Membership” ($20/month value), connecting you to our community of creative professionals from across Philadelphia, and discounted coworking passes.

If you want your podcast to sound better, be heard by more people, and create more value, Indy Hall’s Podcast Junto is for you.

Get connected to the rapidly growing community of successful podcasters in Philly.


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