Reboot Guide

Our next Reboot is scheduled for Friday July 20-Sunday July 22, 2018. Schedule a Tour

Our next Reboot Weekend is scheduled for Friday, July 20 – Sunday, July 22.

Indy Hall is CLOSED for normal work during all 3 days, and you’re invited to join us for Reboot while we make Indy Hall better for everyone!

(Check the schedule of important dates leading up to Reboot)

Latest Updates

What is Reboot Weekend?

The Reboot is a three day weekend, where we take apart Indy Hall, clean it, reorganize it, and put it back together.

Why do we do this?

Indy Hall is a flexible place! Reboot is a time to work together as a community fixing problems, making improvements, and adapting our shared spaces to match the needs of our always-changing community.

If you’re a newer member it also gives you the opportunity to contribute. Finding ways to pitch in helps Indy Hall feel like YOUR home, no matter how long you’ve been a member.

Important Dates

Friday, July 6: Finalize project planning & discussions, scheduling, prioritizing

Tuesday, July 10: Boxes are available for packing (more about packing details below)

Friday, July 13: Project schedule & shifts available for signup

Thursday, July 19: Everything must be packed in a box and ready for Reboot the following day!

Friday, July 20 – Sunday, July 22: Reboot Weekend! Indy Hall is CLOSED for normal work, including Friday

Monday, July 23: Indy Hall re-opens for work

Packing Deadlines for Full Time Members

Boxes will be available between Tuesday, July 10 and Tuesday, July 19.

Boxes must be packed by EOD Tuesday, July 19 (the night before Reboot Weekend starts).

All full time member belongings must be packed by this time. If you’ll be away, or need help packing, please email so we can help out!

  • If you own your chair, put your name on it with tape + marker.
  • If you own a monitor, put your name on it with tape + marker. We’ll store these securely out of the way.
  • If you have any other belongings that won’t fit in a box (filing cabinet, etc), put your name on it with tape + marker.

Can I participate in Reboot remotely?

Yes! Do you have an idea for making our online community resources better, or easier to use? We definitely want to include the “virtual” spaces of Indy Hall in this year’s Reboot.

Will I have to change where I sit?

Yes! One of the intended side-effects of Reboot is that everyone gets to pick a new spot to sit, with new neighbors.

We won’t know what the layout will be for the desks, but we do want to know what you care about!

What can I do now?

  1. Talk to everyone you know about Reboot! Nobody likes a surprise, especially if that surprise is a new layout, or expecting to work at Indy Hall during the Reboot and finding our space disassembled. Check in with everyone you see around the Hall – your friends, the people you sit next to – and ask them if they know about Reboot. If they don’t point ’em to this page. Thanks!
  2. Let us know what you’d like to do!  We want to hear YOUR ideas. It might be something you want to make better, or it might be something we don’t have yet and you think would make Indy Hall more awesome if we did. All ideas are fair game, even if we can’t get to them during THIS rebooot.
  3. Stay Tuned! Communication is the best way to make the Reboot run smoothly, so keep your eyes on the announcements for everything you need to know leading up to the Reboot Weekend.

Did I miss anything? Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns? Email us at, or come talk to us in person!