Getting Started on Slack

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Joining Slack can be a bit overwhelming- you’ve got your email invitation from Anaia or Adam, maybe you’ve got your account set up, and now you’re looking at a LOT of channels… so what do you do next?

Well first, did you know that Slack has a user guide to help you get started? It’s a really great guide to using all its features, customizing your preferences, and even adding custom emoji. Check it out!

The easiest way to use slack is with the app- it’s free and allows you to access a bunch of cool features, like combining your teams into one window for easy access to both. If you want to keep the conversation going while you’re on the go, you can also download slack on your smartphone!

Essential Channels at Indy Hall

Indy Hall has, at the time I’m typing this, 89 channels. That is a lot- and way more than anyone can dive into. To help you find the conversations you want to be part of, check out this handy guide of channels at Indy Hall!

#general– It’s the first channel you’re sent to when you join Slack, and it has everything you need to know, including cross-posts from Groupbuzz and Instagram. This is where you’ll find reminders about events going on, conversations that include the whole community, and everything that doesn’t really fit in another channel.

#indyskillz Do you want to learn a new skill? Do you have something you’re dying to teach? Awesome member Lydia runs #indyskillz, a channel where you can set up skill shares or just ask a quick question to get help with something.

#indyhallops- Are we out of something? did an extension cord go missing? do you love the playlist today? Tell us here.

#daily-goals Share your goals, be kind and encouraging, and help each other be accountable and productive. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

#letsgo- Let’s go do things together – as a community! Here are lots of suggestions for fun things to do in and outside the city

#lgbt-women-allies- Open channel, LGBTQIA and allies welcome. Let’s talk about news, events, feels, and everything in between.

#awesomestinternet- for those good memes, wholesome content, the incredible, the absurd, and cat pics

#gig-swap– Have a job opening? Looking for work? This is where all the job postings live at Indy Hall.

#music- to tell everyone what you’ve been listening to, been nostalgic for, seeing live. Home of bizarre covers, fave albums, and that song you’ve been listening to on repeat.

That’s just a slice of the channels on our Slack, the rest are many and varied. Have fun exploring!

Remember: you can always make a new channel if you can’t find what you’re looking for.