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Work from home but not alone.

"I'm going to be an Indy Hall member for life if I have anything to say about it. What a wonderful community you've built. Incredible value." – Katie A.

What day is it again? Blursday?

Working from home has it's perks, but WFH life also comes with a cocktail of isolation and feeling unstuck from...well, everything.

And as many of us have learned in the last year, working from home during a pandemic is anything but normal.

Some days the hours vanish way too quickly. Other days, time loses all meaning entirely.

The only structure in your day are the meetings (ugh).

🎢  The ups and downs of working in isolation are like a rollercoaster you’re riding all by yourself, and with no station to exit the ride.

If you’re anything like us, you crave a periodic dose of structure, a sense of mutual support, and even the occasional chat with other adults to remind yourself that you're not alone.

Relief is possible!

Even though our coworking space is closed for COVID, our coworking community is still here for you.

And for the first time in nearly 15 years, you can join Indy Hall from anywhere, not just our hometown of Philadelphia! We've mastered the art of online community, and we'd love to have you join us.

Once you’re a member, you’ll join a vibrant community of curious and generous people from around the world. Our diverse community of independents, freelancers, solopreneurs, and remote employees are there when you need them the most, in the ways you need them the most.

We know it’s not all about the work, either. ☕️

In our community, you can easily connect with people over your shared interests outside of your career, too.

Take a break and shoot the breeze over the things that make you happy right now, like music, movies, books, comics, your favorite cat gifs, crafting, and loads more. (We even have a channel specifically for sharing good news.)

Turns out that watercooler chat is important after all, eh? If you’re missing the serendipity of stumbling into a conversation about something you’re passionate about, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

People from all backgrounds, interests, industries, and disciplines are welcome, and we take your safety seriously. We’re better together after all, right?

Community Gathering on Zoom

Online Coworking + Community

Like what you see? Membership starts at just $39/month.

I work alone and I live alone. Indy Hall provided me with so much more than just a place to be around other people.

It gave a family. A place I looked forward to being every day, a place where I knew I was thought about and taken care of.

Kevin Seidman
Independent Artist & Entrepreneur in Philadelphia, PA

Need a reason to get out of bed? Struggling with a complete lack of structure in your WFH workday?

We get it. 😅  Our community was started by people who loved freedom and flexibility, but missed the feeling of community that came from being around other like-minded people.

You can start your day with friendly faces and stimulating discussions in our daily coffee chats, with at least two times every day!

Wanna share a win with somebody other than your cat. It does wonders, truly. You can also join fellow members in sharing daily goals and achievements all day, every day.

Not sure what to even do with your time? Try jump-starting your day with one of our daily micro-challenges in just 5, 15, or 30 minutes and revel in the feeling of getting things done.

Members-only events every week make it easy! Favorites like Show & Tell, wide-ranging educational workshops, and specialized Discord channels create tons of opportunities to share and gain new skills in a supportive, community environment.

Indy Hall Coffee Chat

Looking for ways to feel connected & keep learning while working from home?

Our secret superpower is that Indy Hall has always had a vibrant online community, and over the last 15 years it’s become a first-class experience rather than an add-on or an after-thought.

And during this time when our online spaces are our only spaces, we've been working with our community to make them truly special places on the internet.

Indy Hall's @Home Membership has already helped hundreds of people get through months of lockdown isolation from a safe distance and through the magic of the internet.

We put our focus on trust, not “networking.”

You can leave the hustle culture at the door. We put trust before transactions.

The community we’ve built thrives on the energy of learning & growing together, lifting each other up, & encouraging each other to take the next leap.

So if you are looking for new gigs, new work, or new friends, our community is packed with professionals from all kinds of backgrounds and industries who you can trust.

Even when I change clients or employers, the people at Indy Hall are still the same crew.

They're my "work home," always there when I need them.

John Fahl
John Fahl
DevOps consultant, Creative Writer in Asheville, NC

Curious? Let one of us show you around.

Since we started in 2006, it’s never really been about workspace for us.

Space is just a tool, and one of many.

Indy Hall was founded to be a hub for friendship, collaboration, & mutual support. Even though it feels like the whole world is changing around us, those values and virtues haven’t.

Now, maybe more than ever, we need companionship. To come together to lift and to each other up.

We need people to talk to who aren’t relying on us for work, deadlines, and deliverables. We need friendly faces and commiseration, cheerleaders in our corners, and coaches leading us forward. We need help from experts to build valuable skills so we can blast through obstacles.

We need optimism tethered to reality.

We need each other, sometimes in ways we don’t know how to ask for.

We need to feel a sense of ownership, a sense of comfort, and a sense of home (even if we’re already technically there).

That’s what Indy Hall has always been about.

Last fall I burned out fighting the pandemic and wishing for it to be over. I decided to just embrace my new normal instead and now I'm living my best hermit life.

Indy Hall is a huge part of that, highly recommend.

Kira McLean
Kira McLean
Software Developer in Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to sign a long-term contract?

Our Indy Hall @ Home membership is month-to-month, so our agreement does not include a long-term commitment.

And unlike our standard memberships, Indy Hall @ Home membership does not require an additional deposit during the period while we are closed for COVID19.

What payment methods can I use to join?

We accept all major credit cards for our monthly memberships.

Our secure membership portal automatically charges your membership every month on the same day that you joined.

If you (or your employer) prefers to pay with a check or ACH transfer, please email

Do you have any financial assistance options?

You bet we do. Accessibiity is one of our core values, and we never want a short-term financial limitation to be the reason someone can’t be a part of our community.

This is extra true now, when so many people need a sense of community and support more than ever. That includes BIPOC and other marginalized communities who are disproportionatly impacted by COVID.

Thanks to some generous and anonymous contributors from our community, we have a limited number of completely free memberships available as equity access scholarships, by request.

So if you are struggling with isolation and finances during the COVID lockdown, we want to help. To learn more about how to get a free membership, email us.

Community Gathering on Zoom

Online Coworking + Community

Like what you see? Membership starts at just $39/month.