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Level up your small business with Indy Hall Pro.

"Thankful for all of the readily surfaced and nuanced advice from this community! It's greatly reduced the time & energy needed to identify the right tools for my business."

Kara Lindstrom
Kara Lindstrom
Intentional Leadership Consultant

The power of Indy Hall, built for small business owners

Here's the thing: you don't need to be an entrepreneur to be a part of Indy Hall.

We think that's a wonderful, important part of our community's welcoming culture and DNA.

But over our 16-year history, the Indy Hall community has created more successful ventures than some of the dedicated business incubators in our city. And that's without a dedicated program or resources for entrepreneurs!

But we also know that entrepreneurs and small business owners go further and faster when they work together.

Owner's Only Community

Unlock our private "Owners Only" online community for feedback & mutual support

Nobody understands the reality of owning a business like fellow business owners, but it can be scary to open up about your challenges in front of your peers.

That's why we created a calm & private online community space just for owners like you, so you can ask tough questions, share difficult challenges, and celebrate your milestones of all sizes with people who get you!

Instead of asking internet randos on LinkedIn, log in to the Indy Hall Pro app when you need outside perspective on a tough decision, feedback on a new idea, or simply to ask "how does this work?" in a safe, judgement-free zone.

Indy Hall Pros Directory

Get better leads from our curated directory of member-owned busineses

Coming in early 2023, so early members will have the most visibility when we launch!

For many years, people have asked us for a job or gig board, and it's never felt quite right for our focus on building relationships before transactions. We wanted to do it right, or not at all.

So with Indy Hall Pro, we're launching a brand new curated directory of member owned businesses that is specifically designed to help business owners and their potential clients & customers get to know each other before they work together.

We know from years of experience that by leading with a relationship, you'll have longer-lasting engagements and waste less time on opportunities that aren't are the best fit for you!

Office Hours

Live "Office Hours" with experts who actually understand small businesses

Between the expertise in our own community and our extended network, our answer to "Hey, do you know someone who can help me with..." is almost always going to be a yes.

Whether you have questions about sales & marketing, strategy & decision making, design & branding, legal & accounting, monthly office hours will give you access to our wide network of trusted experts.

Office Hours

Vote on topics for Community Roundtables

Sometimes the best advice or perspective doesn't come from an "expert," but from someone who is going through the same thing at the same time.

Community Roundtables are a chance for you to find your peers around a question or problem area. Sometimes you'll learn from each other, while other times you'll find relief in knowing you're not the only one struggling.

Members get to suggest new topics and vote the most popular ones onto the schedule, along with access to our library of past roundtable recordings!

Discord Community Coworking

Get in the zone with pre-scheduled Online Coworking & Work Sprint sessions

Ever struggle with starting or finishing a task? Of course you have, everyone does!

Online Coworking and Work Sprints are some of our favorite techniques for "getting in the zone" when you're feeling stuck.

Each week, Indy Hall Pro members can pre-schedule an Online Coworking session that fits your schedule, and we'll invite the community to join you in achieving a goal or task.

You might be skeptical, but we've seen over and over that a mix of Work Sprints and Online Coworking (also sometimes known as "body doubling") can be very effective!

Solo Business Roundtables

Discounted & free access to business services, software, learning resources, and more

Coming in early 2023, so early members can help us prioritize deals they want the most!

How much do you spend on services, software, learning resources, etc? These important expenses are all part of running a business, but it can add up quickly.

Our collective buying power means we can find and negotiate deals and promotions that would be difficult or impossible for you to get on your own.

Find something that you think our community could benefit from? Let us know and we'll do our best to negotiate a deal that benefits everybody!

Indy Hall Pro is Coming Soon

If you're excited to upgrade to Indy Hall Pro and want to be notified when you can join, drop your name and email in the box below. We'll add you to the wait list and keep you posted!