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Let's Bring Your Podcast Idea To Life

For many years we’ve tried (and often struggled) to level up our ability for members and collaborators to record podcasts that share their knowledge, experiences, and stories.

We’ve invested in equipment, launched our own shows (including our latest, Most Universal), but something has always felt like it was missing.

It turns out that missing piece, as is often the case, was the right collaborator. And a couple of months ago, we found them!

So this summer, we're launching a new collaboration with SBX Productions to help small businesses and entrepreneurs bring their podcasts to life!

Vince and Taylor at SBX bring years of experience launching shows and operating affordable professional studios, all of which will help us create a more consistent experience and quality recordings with the community members, local entrepreneurs, and creative businesses who decide to make their shows with us!

What’s in store for this partnership?

  • Record in our newly updated “Speakeasy Recording Room”: Few things are more memorable than inviting your podcast guest to an in-person recording, and then walking them behind a secret bookshelf door. We’ve worked with SBX to update and equip this room for professional quality audio and video recordings!
  • Professional and experienced support from start to finish: From strategy to ensure your show idea can support your business and creative goals, to in-studio support with an engineer to get the best quality recordings, to hands-free editing, SBX brings a streamlined process and skilled professionals to make your Podcast stand out from the crowd.
  • Ownership and Control: Your ideas, your podcast. We’re here to help you shape your show ideas into something that’s going to serve your business goals, but the content and concept are entirely yours as you retain full ownership.
  • Structured Seasons: To help you avoid podcast burnout, we will help launch and release your show in ten episode seasons. Each season will be complete with audio and video, helping you reach your audience wherever they are online.
  • Special Introductory Price: Launch your podcast season with us for as little as $2000. For the first 8 shows, we are waiving the $500 set up fee!
  • Exclusive Opportunity: we’re only taking on a small number of shows to start, so we can ensure personalized attention and support.

Ready to work us? You can apply to be in our pilot program here:


If you have any questions, please send an email to to start a conversation.

We can’t wait to see what you create!