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PSA: Indy Hall ❤️ Code for Philly

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Alex Hillman

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In many ways, Code for Philly and Indy Hall already have a lot of history.

In fact, you can trace our relationship at least back to 2010 when I wrote about Code for America’s presence in Philly and how it helped me define my understanding of citizenship.

“I think that the CFA process helped prime the pumps for the continued development of a new style of trusting relationship between city hall and citizens. Something that Indy Hall in particular is really good at, and we’ve been recognized for. - Alex Hillman

Since those days, the organization has both grown and matured. For example, despite the name, it’s not just coders! There are on-ramps for people with a variety of skills, interests, and experience. And while “hack nights” are still a cornerstone, CFP hosts a wide range of events across the city every month.

But one thing hasn’t changed: Code for Philly and Indy Hall share a love Philly and a dedication to community building through co-creation.

“That’s the heart of civic tech: community. No project would ever be able to get off the ground if it didn’t benefit from collective support, and volunteer effort from people who care. - Code for Philly’s Leadership Team (Rich, Toni, and Charlie)

After a few months of hosting occasional Code for Philly hack nights, we’re trying out something new and launching one of our first ever “organizational memberships.”

Rather than simply offer a venue, we’re thinking of our communities as a sum greater than the parts.


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A little ???? didn’t stop these civic and social entrepreneurs from coming out to our Code for Philly 101 session. #thebasics #civictech

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This means that the CFP leadership team now has an official “headquarters.” That doesn’t mean exclusivity - in fact, during our conversations I emphasized the importance of having the community “pop up” in various places around the city.

At the same time, and we hope that this membership allows the extended Code for Philly community can feel like they have a home, rather than like they’re always borrowing someone else’s.

We’re also actively looking for ways to connect the people in our communities. Code for Philly’s extended community is now part of the Indy Hall family. That means there are more opportunities to ask for help, and get it; more opportunities to find a project you care about, and contribute.

“What makes Code for Philly thrive, and not just survive, is being able to connect like-minded people with differing skill sets together to pursue progress via civic projects. We’ve found that same desire to bring people together in the people who call Indy Hall home. Together, we know that big changes start with a series of many smaller actions.

This is an exciting new chapter for both of us, and frankly, one that we agree should have happened sooner! Especially working together, our groups’ collective expertise and love for Philly couldn’t be a more powerful force.

You can read more from their side and find out how to join Code for Philly’s next event on their website.

Finally: if your group or business is interested in an organizational membership, drop us a line!