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We Think Working Alone Sucks

Join hundreds of people who choose Indy Hall as their work community, online and in person.

When we say community, we really mean it

Our community was started by people who loved having freedom and flexibility but missed the sense of community that came from being with and around like-minded people.

Here are a few of the ways we make that sense of community happen online:

Like-minded people with different experiences

Our community is home to independents, freelancers, solopreneurs, and remote employees from all backgrounds, age ranges, industries, and interests. They’re here when you need them the most, in the ways you need them the most.

Support when you need it, from people who actually listen

We're generous with sharing what we know and quick to support a member in need. Going through a personal or professional transition? Indy Hall is one of the best and most supportive communities you'll find.

Events & activities designed for curious people

You’re always invited to daily, weekly, and monthly members-only events designed to help you meet great people and shake up your routine. Favorites like Show & Tell, wide-ranging educational workshops, and specialized Discord channels create tons of opportunities to share and gain new skills in a supportive community environment. Participate at your own pace, there’s no minimum for jumping in.

Meaningful convos > Corporate small talk

Share vibes and build bonds with people over your common interests outside of your career. Take a break from the hustle to share what’s making you happy right now, like music, movies, cat gifs, crafting, and more. Whatever you’re into, you’re not the only one.

Rediscover some serendipity in your workday

When you’re missing the joy of casually stumbling into a conversation about something you love, our online spaces and activities are built with that sense of discovery at their core. Coworking sessions, work sprints, coffee chats, and more bring surprising, delightful conversations back into your life.

More than one way to stay connected, from anywhere

Some members enjoy their entire Indy Hall experience through our online spaces. Others post to to stay in touch between visits to the clubhouse. Whether you’re always logged-on or just checking in, you’re guaranteed to meet a wide breadth of members every time you post online.

Try a coworking space with people who talk to each other

If you're in Philly, you can choose one of our Clubhouse memberships and have a safe, flexible, and inspiring place to get out of the house and be around like-minded people.

And while our Clubhouse is an extremely nice place to work, it's the people who make it a place you'll be excited to come to.

Here are a few highlights to look forward to:

A safe, welcoming place (that isn't your house)

Imagine a Third Place created specifically for modern workers and independent professionals.
Our community space is designed to help you stay productive in a comfortable environment. It’s less like an "office" and more like a vibrant clubhouse where you can relearn the meaning of “work-life balance”.

For the safety of our community and neighbors, proof of full COVID vaccination with a valid booster is required for entry.

Flexible options for your various work styles

Choose from membership plans that suit your style and schedule: 2 days per month, 6 days per month, or unlimited days. Month to month membership with no lock-in contracts or time constraints.
Fast internet. Tons of fresh air and sunlight. A modern kitchen with free coffee & tea. And of course, great people every day.

Spaces designed for comfort and balance

Settle into a range of naturally lit, warm workspaces with adjustable sit-stand desks, external monitors, and relaxing, spacious common areas. We share amenities that just make sense: fast internet, delicious coffee & tea, fresh air, and lots of natural light.

Quiet call rooms & meeting rooms

When you need to take a phone call or meet with a teammate, we have easily bookable, comfortable call rooms available. Phone and meeting room credits are included in all of our membership options, plus upgrades that give you access to specialized rooms for recording and hybrid meetings.

Roofdeck views, no matter the weather

Enjoy our 4th floor "Skyroom", offering the best parts of working on a roofdeck with the comfort of staying inside and out of the elements. During the day, let the Skyroom become your favorite place to work. In the evening, kick back with community experiences ranging from workshops to yoga to live performances and more.

"I have tried so many coworking spaces that claimed you were 'joining a community' and Indy Hall is the only one that lived up to that promise."

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Scott Wittrock
Product leader, dad, builder.
Opeola Bukola

Guys... the new Indy Hall clubhouse is NICE. Coming from someone who liked the vibes of the Old City location, this new space at Spring Garden is an upgrade and a maturing in the best way possible.

Elayna Mae Darcy
Elayna Mae Darcy

Dunno what magic Indy Hall works that makes every visit to their clubhouse fun, productive and collaborative, but they’ve done it again! 💛✨💫

Jen Leary
Jen leary

Indy Hall's Skyroom is my new Philly happy place!

Meg Cumby

I joined Indy Hall remotely in 2020 and it didn't take me long to feel like I had known some of the people for much longer. It's awesome to be part of a community of rad humans that are sharing experiences and encouraging each other.

Bon Alimagno
Bon Alimagno

Indy Hall has been my center of gravity. There always seems to be somebody in the community who has an answer, or the next step, or has the connectoin you need.

Angel Young
Angel Young

Indy Hall allowed me to connect with a bunch of people and form a bunch of friendships that I never thought in the world I would have.

Marty Schneider
Marty Schneider

What @indyhall has done has been nothing short of extraordinary. Not just re-creating a lost sense of community, but growing and expanding on it.

This community has helped me and if you're curious, give this a look.

Lou Huang
Lou Huang

I really enjoyed becoming part of this community. They've figured out how to be a fully remote coworking space with members all over the world and now they're continuing to embrace it as remote/flex work becomes the new normal.

John Fahl
John Fahl

Even when I change clients or employers, the people at Indy Hall are still the same crew. They're my "work home," always there when I need them.

Matthew Grande
Matthew Grande

I miss being together in person, but I love that this version of Indy Hall meets me where I am every day, wherever that is.

Mike Zornek
Mike Zornek

💛  Can't say enough positive things about the @indyhall community. If any of this resonates with you, join up and give us a try.

Hannah Litvin
Hannah Litvin

I gotta say, joining Indy Hall was one of the best things i ever did for my career. If you're on a journey to figure out where YOU fit into YOUR own career, this is the community for you.

Nicola Black
Nicola Black

By far one of the best communities I've been part of. Everyone is so welcoming, helpful, and supportive. I don't know what I would've done this past year without them.

Seth Goldstein
Seth Goldstein

I don't know how I would have faired over the pandemic times without the crew and family at @indyhall.

I really think anyone who is remote, should check out their summer camp idea.