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Bingo Tips

Indy Hall Bingo Rules

How to play: Complete a prompt inside a square, and ask another Indy Hall Member to cross it off your bingo card.

How to win: When you finish a line of 5 squares (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) show it to someone on the Indy Hall team to get a free day pass!

Need a little extra help? Email to ask us about any of the items on the IH Bingo card!

Bingo Clues

Suggest a playlist for the Clubhouse

We keep an iPad in the kitchen, mounted on the kitchen island, which acts as our Clubhouse Jukebox. The first person in the Clubhouse every day sets the mood for the day, and of course the mood changes as the day rolls on.

Tell Adam what you want to play over the speakers, or help yourself to the iPad so you can put some groovy tunes on — just try to keep it to good productivity music. 😉

Present at Show & Tell

Show & Tell is Indy Hall’s longest-running community event, running every Thursday at 12pm EST. Every Show & Tell features one presenter, a member of Indy Hall or friend outside our community, while they share something important with us.

One of the best ways to introduce yourself to the community is to present something during Show & Tell. Tell Adam or Alex you want to present!

Make a toast at Happy Hour

Every Friday at 5pm EST, we hop into Zoom to make a toast to the week that was. What began during the quarantine as a ritual to conclude the work week has continued now that we’re back in the clubhouse together. Join us and celebrate something good going on this week!

Join First Friday Member Social

Member Social is an online event for members to introduce themselves and meet one another using fun, casual conversation prompts. Most people join our community to meet other folks, but sometimes, it’s easier said than done. Member Social is designed to make it as easy as possible to introduce yourself and connect with someone new.

Post an intro to the Forum

One of the best ways to make an enrtrance in our community is to post an introduction on the Indy Hall Forum. The Say Hello 👋 space on the IH Forum is for exactly that, and the pinned post at the top has some helpful tips for talking about yourself in a way that other members will respond to.

Make a pot of coffee

We like to say that if you want to see how a community is run, pay attention to who makes the coffee. Indy Hall members make coffee for one another. It’s a simple ritual that helps you feel like a contributing member of our community, and it’s a great way to see the direct relationship you have to other people.

Find a duck

There are several dozen tiny ducks hidden (and not so hidden) throughout the Clubhouse. 👀

Invite a friend to Show & Tell

Every Thursday at 12pm eastern, we host Indy Hall Show & Tell, live on Zoom. It’s one of our longest-running events, and every week we shine the spotlight on a member of our community or a friend outside our walls, with brief presentation and discussion. Show & Tell is a member event that is free and open to the public, so bring a friend to come join us!

Find out what JFDI stands for

Beginning as a frequently-used phrase and then a signature tattoo on Indy Hall’s founder, JFDI is an unofficial motto of our community. Find it on stickers, laptops, neon signs, and more, it signifies a scrappy, determined spirit of Indy Hall members. I could tell you what it means here, but that wouldn’t be as fun.

Get lunch with a member

I think one of the best ways to connect with someone else in our community is to have a meal with that person. Whether you’re going for a slice, heating up food from home, or sitting-in at he local bar, nothing beats getting lunch with another Indy Haller. Don’t hesitate to ask someone if they want to get lunch, and be sure to ask folks for local recommendations!

Bring a friend to the Clubhouse

Did you know Indy Hall members can bring friends and coworkers to the Clubhouse? Invite someone in for a meeting, share a special URL for a discount guest pass, bring someone in for free with your +1 Pass — there are lots of ways to invite guests to join you at Indy Hall. Check out our guest policy to learn more.

Attend an after-hours event

We love sharing the Clubhouse as a resource with other communities and meetups, and many of our after-hour events are hosted by members of Indy Hall. Keep your eyes on the IH Forum for Upcoming Events, most of which are free and open for Indy Hall members to join. Want to host an event here at the Clubhouse? Email, let us know!

Join a convo at the Clubhouse

This might seem like an easy one, but we know that it can be intimidating to jump into a conversation between other people. This is officially your permission to hop into a conversation that you overhear somewhere in the space. Indy Hall is powered by serendipity, and our space and community are designed to make it easier to stumble into wonderful chance-encounters with wonderful people.

Add your photo to Discord

Funny thing about Discord, you can create your own username for the platform so everybody in the community might know you as Cheese_Fanatic_14. You can change your nickname in the Indy Hall server so folks know your real name, and uploading a photo of yourself (along with your name) help make sure people know who they’re talking to.

Put an IH sticker on your stuff

Have you noticed anyone in the Clubhouse with a JFDI sticker on their laptop? Take a look around, and you’ll see IH logos and JFDI stickers all over the place. JFDI is the unofficial Indy Hall motto, and members of our community wear it loud and proud. And all over their stuff. Help yourself to a sticker, slap it on anything that helps remind you to, well, JFDI.

Join Coffee Chat

One of my favorite, recent Indy Hall rituals is jumping in Zoom with other members in the morning for a quick, delightful Coffee Chat. It’s our way of starting the work day with social time, and anyone can join in from where ever they are in the world. Coffee Chat almost always kicks off betwee 9am and 10am eastern when someone posts the Zoom link in the #general-discussion channel in Discord. Get yourself a coffee (or tea!), watch for the link, click to join, enjoy a little downtime before it’s work time.

Add your photo to the Forum

Our online platforms, like Discord and the IH Forum, are forms of continuity for Indy Hall members. Posting online helps us stay in touch at all hours of the day, every day of the week, and it helps to know who folks are talking to. Upload your favorite photo of yourself to your profile, I guarantee it helps get better engagement than posts without a profile pic.

Attend Show & Tell

Got a little time on Thursday afternoon? Want to meet another Indy Hall member and learn what they’re working on? Join Show & Tell!

Show & Tell is Indy Hall’s longest-running community event, running every Thursday at 12pm EST. Every Show & Tell features one presenter, a member of Indy Hall or friend outside our community, while they share something important with us.

Post a pic & tag @indyhall

There’s nothing quite as powerful as word of mouth, although sharing your Indy Hall experience through social media is almost as good! We love it when people snap a photo of something eye-catching in the Clubhouse, and we love it even more when @indyhall gets tagged online.

Photos of other people are the best, though please be mindful to ask for permission before you snap and share.

Help another Indy Hall member

Our community is built on people looking out for and supporting one another. Graphic design, troubleshooting, coffee-making, moving, restaurant recommendations, language learning — there are infinite ways to lend a hand to another Indy Hall member. Who you help and how you help is up to you!

Reply to a post on the Forum

A post on the IH Forum is only as good as the conversation that it instigates. When you see a new member join and post an intro, replying to the post let’s them know they’re being warmly welcome. Similarly, answering a question or boosting what someone’s sharing is all it takes for members to feel seen and appreciated.

Find something made by a member

Almost every inch of our Clubhouse is decorated with artwork, artifacts, memorabilia, and representations of what Indy Hall members care about. in fact, a lot of those decorations and objects around the space were physically made by an Indy Haller — books, coffee mugs, paintings, photographs, plants, furniture. If you find something that piques your interest, see if you can ask around and learn where it came from, or who brought it to Indy Hall.

Get on the photo wall

In the main room of the Clubhouse, on an unfinished concrete wall below a neon sign, you’ll find a collection of Fuji Instax photos depicting Indy Hall events, members, and memories. The Instax camera isn’t always here, but when it appears in the space, make sure you get in front of it!

Post in a Discord channel

The Indy Hall Discord is a brimming with conversations about music, current events, silly memes, career help, gear guides, and so much more. The conversations that take place in these channels are the lifeblood of our community. Browse through the dozens of channels, find a small handful of subjects that speak to you, and mute the rest.