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COVID-19 Status & Plans

For maximum safety and comfort of our community, our daily capacity is limited & proof of vaccination is required for every person who enters our new building.

🟢 Current Status: Welcoming New Members!

Indy Hall's world famous coworking space has returned with a new clubhouse in a new location. We’ve returned to our roots to build something better than ever.

We're re-imagining the Indy Hall experience in a beautiful new space located in Northern Liberties, near 2nd & Spring Garden in Philadelphia.

Learn about Clubhouse Membership options, schedule a tour now

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Note: for the best new-member experience, we may limit the number of new membership slots made available each month.

If you're not ready to join today, you can join our free waiting list to be notified each month when we have new membership slots available.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to sign a contract?

All members must read and accept our Terms and Conditions, along with our Code of Conduct.

Our membership agreements do not require a long-term commitment or deposit. We just ask for 30 days notice if you need to cancel your membership.

We do offer incentives for pre-paying 6 and 12 months in advance, just ask our team for details.

How do I pay for membership?

All of our memberships require having a card on file for direct-debit, and we accept all major credit and debit cards for these payments.

Our secure membership portal automatically charges your membership every month on the same day that you joined, and will automatically provide you with an receipt each for each payment.

We are also happy to work with your employer if they cover some or all of your membership!

Do you have any financial assistance options?

You bet we do. Accessibility is one of our core values, and we never want a short-term financial limitation to be the reason someone can’t be a part of our community.

This is extra-true now, when so many people need a sense of community and support more than ever.

Thanks to some generous and anonymous contributors from our community, we have a limited number of free Community memberships and discounted Clubhouse memberships to offer, by request.

So if you are struggling with isolation and finances, we want a chance to offer assistance. To learn more about our options, email us. We'll do our best to help!

Can I use Indy Hall's Clubhouse as my legal business address, or receive mail?

Not yet, but hopefully soon! Being responsible for member mail is more complex than it might seem, and moving out of our previous location really highlighted ways we could make it better.

We're actively working with partners who are true experts at handling mail, but do not yet have an ETA for providing this service.

Why don't you offer dedicated desks or private offices?

Way back in 2006, the Indy Hall community wanted to enjoy our waking work hours alongside the creative, thoughtful, passionate people of Philadelphia.

Not an office, but also not home. A third place.

We called it a coworking space, and slowly but surely, more people wanted to participate. That was great!

Over the years, "coworking" became synonymous with "office," but we still wanted something different. Not home, but also not an office. A third place.

After spending more than 2 years physically apart, we chose to go back to our roots of being a clubhouse for creative, thoughtful, passionate people. Online and in person.

For now, we're focused on being that "third place" we always meant to be, rather than trying to be a replacement for the office. A space you can be around people, safely.

So instead of thinking of our new space as your office, try thinking of it as an intentional retreat from the monotony of working from home. A day that's different from your normal work day, in a different place, on purpose.

Is it "coworking"? Who knows. But it's definitely Indy Hall.

Our approach has always been a little different, but our #1 priority is people and that's never changed.

If that resonates with you, we'd love to show you around.


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