Indy Hall COVID Status

Covid Recovery Status & Plans

Our Philadelphia coworking space is currently closed.

Our community has continued to grow and evolve during the coronavirus pandemic, but we've chosen to keep our coworking space at 399 Market Street in Philadelphia closed for the safety of our members and the wider community.

If you're interested in information about when we'll reopen for in-person coworking, please put yourself on the waitlist and check out the FAQ and our tentative timeline below.

🟢 Current Status

Indy Hall @Home applications open.

Save up to 15% joining Indy Hall's online community now, and help us keep going until we can re-open.

Learn about membership & our road to reopening, schedule a tour now.


Launch Spring Membership Drive and our new Indy Hall Pro Membership.


End of Spring Membership Drive.

Summer 2021 (Tentative)

In-person Coworking Space Reopens.

Our Indy Hall @Home community will continue as we re-introduce our in-person community workspace.

Fall 2021

We made it, whew!

Reopening FAQ

When are you going to reopen?

The short answer is that we're not sure!

We're closely watching a number of factors including vaccine distribution and availability, evolving safety practices, and the readiness of our community to return to a shared space.

Existing members will have priority access, so consider joining today to get to know your future coworkers.

How are you surviving the pandemic?

Same as everybody, one day at a time.

Our online community is still thriving so we encourage you to take a tour to learn how Indy Hall can support your personal and professional COVID Recovery.