Indy Hall COVID Status

Covid Recovery Status & Plans

Like a phoenix from the ashes...

We're not just reopening our space, we're working to build something better.

After closing our space for COVID more than 2 years ago, and living through a time where work from home was the only choice, we're re-imagining the Indy Hall experience in a BRAND NEW new space located in Northern Liberties, near 2nd and Spring Garden.

Our new home feels less of an "office" and more like a cozy clubhouse where you can work and get to know smart, creative, and thoughtful Philadelphians.

Like "Cheers," but for your workday. Like working from a cafe, but safer & more comfortable than the constant turnover of strangers.

If you're craving a bit of human interaction in your day, in an inspiring & cozy change of scenery, we think you'll love it.

For maximum safety and comfort of our community, our daily capacity is limited & proof of vaccination is required for every person who enters our new building.

Our current soft-opening is exclusive for existing Indy Hall members, but if you'd like to be notified when we begin offering tours and memberships for new members, please put yourself on the waitlist below.

🟢 Current Status

Existing & past members invited to start coworking in our new space.

Open daily. Plans include 2x per month, 6x per month, & unlimited flex.

Adjustable sit/stand desks with external monitors, spacious common areas, phone room credits included.

No dedicated desks or private offices at this time, sorry!

Learn about membership & our road to reopening, schedule a tour now.

a preview day at our new space

August 2022

Coworking plans available for people on the waiting list. Capacity is limited, so get on the waiting list now!

Fall 2022 and Beyond

Coworking plans available for all.

Based on capacity & available space, we'll open memberships to the public general public beyond our waiting list.

Reopening FAQ

Why do existing members get priority access?

Indy Hall has always been much more than a space, and over the last 2 years our community proved that to be true!

We closed the doors to our physical space but our community never skipped a beat and has stuck together through everything.

We want to reward the people who've stayed by our side by giving them priority access to the limited capacity in our new space.

Consider joining today so you can start getting to know your future coworkers, and get yourself closer to the front of the line.

Will I be able to use this new location as my legal business address, or receive mail?

Not yet, but hopefully soon! Being responsible for member mail is more complex than it might seem, and moving out of our previous location really highlighted ways we could make it better.

We're actively working with partners who are true experts at handling mail, but do not yet have an ETA for providing this service.

Why no dedicated desks or private offices?

Way back in 2006, the Indy Hall community wanted to enjoy our waking work hours alongside the creative, thoughtful, passionate people of Philadelphia.

Not an office, but also not home. A third place.

We called it a coworking space, and slowly but surely, more people wanted to participate. That was great!

Over the years, "coworking" became synonymous with "office," but we still wanted something different. Not home, but also not an office. A third place.

After the last 2 years physically apart, we're choosing to go back to our roots of being a clubhouse for creative, thoughtful, passionate people. Online and in person.

For now, we're focused on being that "third place" we always meant to be, rather than trying to be a replacement for the office. A space you can be around people, safely.

So instead of thinking of our new space as your office, try thinking of it as an intentional retreat from the monotony of working from home. A day that's different from your normal work day, in a different place, on purpose.

Is it "coworking"? Who knows. But it's definitely Indy Hall.

Our approach has always been a little different, but our #1 priority is people and that's never changed.

If that resonates with you, we'd love to show you around.