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Member's Only Events

Recreate the structure and serendipity of an in-person work day, from wherever you are, and look forward to these events and more every week.

☕️ 🍵 Coffee/Tea Breaks
Monday thru Friday 9:00am Eastern 10:00am Eastern
Start your day with friendly faces and a dose of serendipity over your preferred beverage, just to get the energy flowing.
Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:00pm Eastern
Just like our morning breaks, but later in the day. Conveniently over lunchtime for west coast members.
🎨 Cocrafting
Wednesday 3:00pm Eastern
Unplug and unwind by making something with your hands, and keep each other company as we do it. Knit, color, paint, sketch, or collage to your heart's content.
📚 Show & Tell
Thursday 12:00pm Eastern
Every Thursday we gather to hear from members and friends of our community about something they're doing, something they've learned, or something they're interested in. Short talks and interviews, guaranteed to get you inspired and connected with someone new!
📓 Coplanning
Friday 4:00pm Eastern
Get organized before the weekend hits. Bullet journals, note cards, apps- however you plan out your week, let's do it together!
🍻 Toast to the Week
Friday 5:00pm Eastern
Chill tunes, beverages, and a friendly conversation to end the week. Celebrate your wins and offer a toast if you have one!