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Getting started on Discord

Thanks to Discord, Indy Hall members can spend time with one another in text, audio, and video chats, at any time of day, from anywhere in the world. We have channels for general discussion, channels for common interests like podcasts, movies, and music, and we even have channels for mutual support when you can use a pick-me-up.

Adam made a Discord how-to video to help you get started, check it out below. It’s a really great guide to help you use Discord in a way that suits you best so you can cut down on distracting notifications and connect with other people immediately.

💡  PRO TIP: We recommend downloading the free Discord app on your preferred device for the very best experience! If you want to keep the conversation going while you’re on the go, you can also download Discord on your smartphone. It's really nice!

A peek into Discord at Indy Hall

When you join Indy Hall's Discord "server" (Discord's name for a private community space) you will go through a brief tutorial and then automatically have access to to all channels. From there, you can customize your experience, silence notifications, and choose which channels to pay attention to or hide from view.

The Discord sidebar has the channels organized into categories as shown here:

Discord Channels

As you can see, we have a handful of categories already but let’s take a closer look at the channels in HELP & OPERATIONS, aka your starting place.

#channel-directory – Peruse all the channel descriptions to find something that strikes your fancy.

#discord-tips-and-tricks – Who doesn’t love hacks? Here’s a growing collections of shortcuts and hot tips to make Discord work for you.

#meta-discord – Discuss, plan, build, and edit our Discord. If it pertains to making Discord feel more like home for Indy Hall members, this is the channel to chat about it.

#member-support is a channel for live help! Just hop in if you have a question and someone will swoop in to help.

Indy Hall’s Favorite Channels

#brightside – The best parts of social media, without the worst parts. Your one stop shop for anything that brightens your day. Scrolled past a video of a puppy making friends with a duck? Share it here. Need a quick serotonin boost? Check this channel!

#daily-goals – Share your goals, be kind and encouraging, and help each other be accountable and productive. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

#cooking-and-food - Talk about your new favorite recipe, ask for cooking advice, or even join one of the periodic "Iron Chef Indy Hall" cooking challenges.

#music - share what you're listening to or get new music recommendations from almost any genre, from hip hop and punk rock to jazz and classical.

#biz-owner-advice - get help with your business from fellow solo & small business owners

#career-advice - workshop your resume or get advice for talking with a manager about a promotion

#encouragement – drop by here anytime you’re having a rough time and need some friendly encouragement or a virtual hug. advice will only be given if it’s asked for.

#indyskills“Can anybody teach me how to x y z?” #indyskills is where our members help each other both broadly and in very specific niche ways. Come to learn and share your skills!

That’s just a slice of the channels on our Discord! There are sooooo many more, each with their own purpose and vibe. Have fun exploring and don't by shy about saying hello!