Getting Started on Discord

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With Discord, we can hop in and out of video/audio chats, check in on each other during the day, and shoot the breeze. Of course, since it is a slice of the Indy Hall community, there are also channels for mutual support! 

Joining Discord can be a bit overwhelming. You’ve got your email invitation from Anaia or Adam, maybe you’ve got your account set up, and now you’re looking at a LOT of channels. So what do you do next?

Well first, did you know that Adam made a Discord user guide to help you get started? It’s a really great guide to using all its features, customizing your preferences. Check it out!

The easiest way to use Discord is with the app. It’s free and allows you to access a bunch of cool features. If you want to keep the conversation going while you’re on the go, you can also download Discord on your smartphone!

A peek into Discord at Indy Hall

You are automatically added to all channels, but it’s up to you which ones to get notifications from and which ones to mute. Essentially, you turn channels off and on depending on what you want to pay attention to.

The sidebar has the channels organized into categories.

As you can see, we have a handful of categories already (and more popping up all the time!) but let’s take a closer look at the channels in WELCOME & META, aka your starting place.

#welcome – Just the basics! Here’s info on channels, voice & video chat, direct messages, notifications, and more.

#discord-tips-and-tricks – Who doesn’t love hacks? Here’s a growing collections of shortcuts and hot tips to make Discord work for you.

#channel-directory – Peruse all the channel descriptions to find something that strikes your fancy.

#server-news – Announcements from the core team and tummlers about changes being made to the Indy Hall Discord Server.

#meta-discord-gardening – Discuss, plan, build, and edit our Discord. If it pertains to making Discord feel more like home for Indy Hall members, this is the channel to chat about it.

Finally, #help is a voice-chat channel for live help! Just hop in if you have a question and someone will swoop in to help.

Indy Hall’s Favorite Channels

#fish-tank-chat and serendipity fishtank – This special voice channel has a 24/7 live fishtank. really! drop in when you need a break and wanna check out the fishies, you never know what kind of serendipitous conversation might happen.

#daily-goals – Share your goals, be kind and encouraging, and help each other be accountable and productive. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

#encouragement – drop by here anytime you’re having a rough time and need some friendly encouragement or a virtual hug. advice will only be given if it’s asked for.

That’s just a slice of the channels on our Discord, the rest are many and varied. Have fun exploring!

Remember: you can always make a new channel if you can’t find what you’re looking for.