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Guest Policy for Clubhouse Members

Last Updated: 2/28/2022

When you need a Guest Pass vs a Meeting Pass

Not all visits are the same, so below is an easy rule of thumb to help you decide between a free Meeting Pass and a Guest Pass visit and how to use each one.

We trust you to make the right call on whether someone is here for a visit or a guest pass. Not sure what you need? Ask us! Email

Learn about the "Plus One Pass" bonus included in your membership

Meeting Pass

A Meeting Pass is good for up to 2 hours where you and your guest will be here at the clubhouse, whether in a meeting room or common areas.
A Meeting Pass is always free, as long as they are registered to visit you.

Guest Pass

A Guest Pass is good for any guests who will be working with you at the Clubhouse for more than 2 hours per day.
Guest passes are $30/person/day.
You can pay for a Guest Pass on your account by choosing the “1 day Guest Pass” option when registering them at
You can also share this link if your guest wants to pay for their own day using your discounted day rate of $30/day:

Guest Expectations, Rights, & Responsibilities

  • Please register all guests. Our system will automatically provide them with a friendly email that includes information about how to find the space and access our building upon arrival, and even give them a temporary code to check in at the iPad and notify you.

    Registering your guest will also includes them in our contact tracing system, so we can easily notify them in the case of a responsible report of a COVID exposure.

  • You are your guest’s best guide for how our community works and what we’re all about. Show them around, help them get settled in, give them tips for how to make the most of their time here.

  • All guests must abide by our Code of Conduct. Refer to our CoC online, and feel free to share with your visiting guest:

  • Guests are welcome during normal business hours (M-F, 9-6) and during most member events unless otherwise noted. Please clear after hours guest visits with the Indy Hall team ahead of time to avoid confusion and surprises.

  • Guest and Meeting passes include free coffee/tea from the kitchen, as well as the invitation to participate in any community activities or discussions happening that day.

  • Guest passes do NOT currently include phone room/meeting room time, sorry! If your guest needs to use a meeting room during their stay (outside of any time already booked by you for a meeting), you can book them a room on your account at your member rate.

  • Your free +1 Pass guest must visit on the same day with you, unless otherwise discussed. We want your guest to get the best experience of our community and clubhouse, and having you here with them is a big part of that experience.

    If you have any questions about this or need special accommodation, please let us know by emailing

  • You are responsible for verifying your visitor’s vaccination status. All guests in the Clubhouse must be vaccinated. Please check our Health & Safety page for our current COVID protocol.

  • Need a little help getting them introduced to the community and the space? Let us know ahead of time, we’re happy to give them a full & official tour!

Introducing the +1 Pass

Our community also thrives on word of mouth, including good people like you bringing the good people you know to visit. Our entire Clubhouse Guest Policy is designed to make it easy for you to invite a friend or coworker (or both!) to come with you.

But we also want to reward you for introducing people to our community and space!

For the next few months, we’re experimenting with a new addition to our guest policy to help you bring people into the Clubhouse and incentivize you to do it often.

Effective immediately, every Indy Hall member will receive one +1 Pass on their account every month. Each +1 Pass allows you to bring one friend with you to the Clubhouse for free. No cost to you or them!

But that’s not all.

Once your guest comes to visit using your +1 Pass, you’ll be rewarded with an additional day pass on your account, giving you an additional free coworking day to use in the 30 days after your guest visit. Bring a +1, earn a +1! Get it?! 😉

How to use your +1 Pass

  1. Book your visitor through your Member Dashboard (the same site you use to book a call room), by clicking “Add visitor”.

  2. Choose “+1 Pass” from the Visitor Pass Type dropdown while registering, and everything else will happen automatically.

    Currently, this must be done from the website linked above and NOT the mobile app. Sorry!

  • ✅ You must register your guests so we know when they’re coming and can send them the building entry information and. See above for how to do that.
  • ✅ Your additional free day pass must be used within 30 days of when your guest visits

If you have any questions (issues registering your visitor), please email for help!