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How do you make adult friends that aren't your coworkers?

It ain’t easy being the new kid in any big community.

Your first day after joining any community can be intimidating, no matter how accepting they seem, or how excited you are to be there.

You’ve got countless new people to meet, a labyrinth of new resources to explore, and that overwhelming feeling of “I wanna make a good first impression!”

Just like a new school, a new job, or the first day of summer camp, those first few weeks (or months!) can be a steep and scary barrier.

Nobody likes being alone as the newbie.

So we thought... could we make it so that your earliest days after joining Indy Hall felt comfortable, personal, and set you up for success as a member of our community?

...what if you could skip past the awkward experience of feeling singled out like the “new kid” who joined half-way through the school year?

...if you could join Indy Hall alongside a smaller group of people who you knew you already had something in common with, instead of feeling lost in a sea of faces?

And we came up with Indy Hall Summer Camp, a shared onboarding experience to welcome people to our community together.

If you’ve always wanted to join a community like Indy Hall but have been looking for the perfect reason or the right time to take the plunge, Indy Hall Summer Camp is for you!

The most “community-est” way to join Indy Hall, ever.

Summer Camp isn’t a special membership, it’s a new way to start your membership with Indy Hall, and it’s happening for a limited time this summer! ☀️

Indy Hall Summer Camp 2021 is, among other things:

  • Made to help introverts and extroverts alike find their happy place in our community
  • 100% online and international friendly
  • A chance to fully experience Indy Hall without an automatic subscription renewal

Instead of our usual solo-onboarding experience, Campers will join our community in small groups with built-in commonalities, so you’re part of a group from day one.

Each Summer Camp onboarding begins specially tailored to a unique community that you might feel most connected to, including fellow career changers, solopreneurs, remote workers, even people who live outside of Philly.

Indy Hall is an increasingly global community with Philly soul!

Limited sign-ups available, so get on the waiting list

More info coming soon, so add yourself to the waiting list below and make sure you're the first to know all of the details, pricing, and how to sign up.