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Work from Home Self Care Series

Make your whole day better, not just your work day.

One of the hardest parts of working from home is finding a balance between creating healthy routines, and sprinkling your days with novelty.

On one hand, routines are great because they help us build habits and preserve our energy for the things we care about most.

At the same time, novelty is great because your reliable routine can get, well, kinda same-y. Days start to blur together and it starts to feel pretty isolating.

When nothing ever changes, it's really easy to get stuck in a rut. Working from home makes this even harder because you're looking at the same four walls over and over.

One of the reasons people love the Indy Hall community is that you can experience the comfort of a reliable routine AND a joyful dose of serendipity.

This totally free, two week series of daily prompts is all about helping you create a little bit of reliability and serendipity for yourself.

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Special thanks to Amanda Thomas of Lanternfish Press for pioneering this series in our community and granting us the ability to share them with you!