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Confused or overwhelmed by all this online coworking stuff?

Anaia Daigle News Item

Anaia Daigle

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We know remote tools are new for a lot of people, and we don’t want anyone to feel left out if you’re not familiar. 

There is a wide range of people who join our Indy Hall community. Some people - especially those of you on remote teams - are already very familiar with popular tech tools like Discord and Zoom. (Also, what a silly bunch of names these apps have!) We’re learning new things from those folks all the time.

However now is a good time for us ALL to remember that not everyone’s used to, or comfortable, with video chat. Learning new tools can be confusing and frustrating. 

With that in mind, we’ve compiled some info that we hope will help you engage with online experiences, whether that’s with Indy Hall or off in the world wide web!

Here are two tools that Indy Hall is using a LOT and what they are:

Zoom is kinda like facetime but WAY more powerful and supports groups better. It works really well on Apple and Windows computers, and even on mobile phones (iOS and Android). It’s free to install

Once Zoom is installed, following any Zoom link on that device (computer or mobile) will automatically take you to the correct group video chat. (Some chats require passwords, so if you aren’t sure message the host ahead of time. They’ll probably make sure you have the password if it’s necessary)

Discord is a text chat tool, so it’s a bit like texting BUT has different rooms to organize conversations (and people) into interests, topics, and kinds of conversations. It’s great for sharing links, asking quick questions, and friendly banter. Plus we’re enjoying a bit of unscheduled serendipity with video + audio chats!

We do have and use other tools, but these two are going to be the MOST IMPORTANT (besides email) over the coming weeks.

These are some of the most valuable and popular channels to join!

✅ Daily Goals

Feeling unproductive? WHO ISN’T right now. If it’s helpful, this channel is a place to share your daily goals, be kind and encouraging to each other, and help each other be accountable. #1 rule of #dailygoals is “don’t be afraid to ask for help”

Tip: Check out this page for some member-suggested guidance on getting the most from this channel.

☀️ Brightside

Need a break from bad news? Share something, anything, that makes you feel delight. Though this channel is one of the newest to be added to our Discord, it’s quickly become one of the most active (and necessary) resources for much-needed relief. One of our amazing members made this room to share “an escape from the worries of the world”, and every little post of optimism and happiness does just that.

All of these rooms (and many more) are available in our members-only Discord “workspace”. If you don’t have access to Indy Hall’s Discord (or can’t remember how to get in) send us an email and we’ll help out!

We hope these notes are helpful and empowering.

We invite you to join us and test your new skills!

Whether you want to dip your toe or dive right in. We’re here to help any way we can. ❤️

Have other netiquette suggestions? We’d love to hear them! Email us at