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Marty Schneider News Item

Marty Schneider

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ONCE AGAIN, it is time to step into the Indy Hall Kitchen Stadium for a cooking challenge!

I, Marty Schneider, the Chairman of the ICIH, will present to you a SECRET ITEM - a surprise dish, theme, or ingredient for the month of APRIL! You have the entire month of April to show the community what you can do with it!

It can be a main dish, a side, a drink… anything that matches the month’s surprise!

This is a challenge, not a competition! I am challenging you… to be awesome!


How do I share my creation?
Chefs are encouraged to document their process, final results, major steps, and overall project in whatever way they are able: Photos, videos, written recipes, holograms, skywriting, letters to the editor published in a small-town newspaper, all are acceptable.

While our members will share their documentation in the #cooking-and-food channel of our Discord server, you can share yours on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with the tag #ironchefindyhall or tag @indyhall so we can find it!

What about sides?
Sides are awesome! If you have some time to make sides, they will only aid in your quest to make an awesome meal!

How is this judged?
Since we are unable to do an in-person taste test, the awesomeness of your dish will be based on the honor system. If you say it’s awesome, we’ll believe it’s awesome. Of course, the more images you post your process and final product, the more OTHER people will say “whoa, that looks awesome” and the more believable your self-reported score is!

And remember, Iron Chef Indy Hall is about CREATION and INTERPRETATION. You can be as traditional or experimental as you like with your interpretation of the SECRET ITEM, but your entry must have some recognizable connection to it!



APRIL! We have been told that it is a month to celebrate THE FOOL. But this month’s selection is positively FOOL-PROOF. Unless that is, you need PROOF that you are a FOOL. Because it would be truly foolish NOT to provide something spectacular with this month’s SECRET ITEM - an item I am sure you have in your pantry right now!



For this challenge you must THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! THE BLUE BOX, that is!

This is a real challenge to NOODLE over! Show us what you can make that highlights both the macaroni AND the cheese. Will you BOIL OVER with ideas? Can you KRAFT something amazing?

Show me your versions, your interpretations of this dish! Remember, you can incorporate these elements into something else, you do not have to just make the dish.

Let’s get CHEESY!