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Jon Hilton News Item

Jon Hilton

1 minute read

A few weeks into the third England national lockdown I resolved to focus on one thing this year; connection.

Covid and the subsequent enforced separation had highlighted just how many of us are trudging through life with limited and/or surface-level connections to those around us, and I resolved to put that right.

But as much as I wanted to reconnect with friends I’d lost touch with, I’d find myself putting off making the phone call. 

It seemed somehow ridiculous that I might ring up friends I hadn’t spoken to in a few years. Apart from anything else people don’t phone each other these days; we’re too busy telling each other to unmute on Zoom.

Fast-forward a few weeks, and it’s those very connections with friends and families that are helping us process our daughter’s diagnosis (and the nature of the challenge to come).

From the daily phone calls with my mum, to WhatsApp messages between family members, and even virtual custard pies being thrown between my daughter and her cousin on Xooloo (don’t ask, but some of the adults have been at it too!)

Every conversation, or message exchanged has brought comfort, support and a way to release some of the pressure that otherwise builds up.

Ideally it wouldn’t have needed a serious illness to act as the catalyst to renew these relationships, but that’s where we find ourselves, and we can only be grateful that we have so many amazing people in our lives now we’re here.

Originally posted 3/21/21: