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New Website, New Memberships

Alex Hillman News Item

Alex Hillman

2 minute read

For most of the last year, our web presence has been kinda stuck in limbo. Today that changes as we’re launching a brand new website alongside new membership options for 2021!

In the early weeks of the pandemic we tweaked our website to make it clear that our focus was on keeping our community safe, and that our space was closed. Our online community took top priority, but the old website still made it feel like “this is the online thing we’re doing while the space is closed.”

As we recently passed the one year mark in quarantine, it was long overdue to have our website tell the world what Indy Hall looks like today as an increasingly international community of independents, freelancers, solopreneurs, and remote employees.

The new site features quotes and testimonials from members, more videos and images, and clearer explanations of who this community is for and what we’re about.

Take the new site for a spin and let us know what you think!

Membership open to a wider audience, and a “pro” membership coming soon!

Over the last year we’ve put basically all of our resources into our online community. And it’s paid off big time.

The thing is, Indy Hall has always had an active and vibrant online community. This experience gave us a running start as the world shifted into online-only.

But we still had to learn a lot when online became our only option.

Our Indy Hall @Home membership has grown into a first-class experience, and we’re proud and excited to share it with more people.

The best way to see how it works is with a 1-1 tour of our online spaces. You can reserve one of those for free.

Website Memory Lane

If you’re in for a bit of nostalgia, I took a little trip down “website memory lane” in this thread of screenshots. It’s pretty cool to see the progression from the very first Indy Hall website (one page, just text!) through all of the major versions we’ve had since.

Coming soon: Spring Membership Drive

If you take a look at our COVID Recovery Plan, you’ll see that we have plans to launch a spring membership drive during the month of April.

Skipping the= telethon and tote-bags, this membership drive will focus more on opportunities to connect with likeminded people and get support with your business and projects.

If you’ve been thinking about joining Indy Hall, grab a tour soon and keep your eyes peeled for details about the drive!

And lastly, we’d really appreciate it if you helped us spread the word about Indy Hall. Sharing this link with your friends and colleagues really helps us a lot! 🙏