Hello, Work in Progress!

👋 We’re excited for you to join the Indy Hall community online as a bonus for being a founding member of Work in Progress.

Everything you’ll read below on this page is a two way street, and is meant to give you an idea of what Indy Hall is about, our community norms and expectations, and how you can be sure to be an excellent citizen once inside.

We are a community with a purpose, so please read this page thoroughly. Thanks!

The Members & Participants [a.k.a. the people, coworkers, groups and community] of Indy Hall are not pigeonholed by job titles or industry sectors. We have a wider curiosity towards work and towards each other.

We are a gathering of people finding a way of working better together (both online and in-person) focused on inspiration, participation and learning through doing. Anything can happen, the environments and space(s) change.

Our community shares a fundamental optimism, a spirit of liberty in action, encouragement, and enlightenment. Where many people would see problems, Participants see opportunities for making things better, and they wish to take on personal responsibility for making things happen.

We work to inspire anyone to help everyone.

We use creative intelligence to solve real problems.

Your Responsibilities

We look out for each other and have each others’ backs.

Indy Hall cares about creating an open and welcoming community, and we are committed to making membership a respectful and harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sex, sexual orientation, disability, neuro(a)typicality, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, national origin, immigration status, age, political affiliation, or religion.

Our expectation of mutual respect and non-harassment applies to our online community in both public and private channels, our physical space at 399 Market Street, and events that take place outside of Indy Hall at community-related social activities.

You can read our full Code of Conduct here.

Anyone who violates this code of conduct may put their Indy Hall membership at risk, including being asked to leave the community.

Considerate Online Spaces

Whether you’re an online veteran or brand new to internet spaces, Internet Etiquette (aka “Netiquette” is something that we can all be mindful to observe. This is true always, but especially true right now. 

In order to keep our community spaces running smoothly for you and your fellow members, these are our expectations of an excellent, mindful member. 

  • Offline rules apply online. Our code of conduct is fully transferable online. And when in doubt, don’t say anything online you wouldn’t say to someone’s face. That’s that. 
  • Please try to post with context. What does this link make you think or feel? Does it raise a question for discussion? Does it just make you happy? Will others find it useful, and if so, who? Taking the time to share with CONTEXT helps make online conversations more like in-person ones. It takes some practice but is a good communication habit in general. 
  • Ask for consent before sharing private conversations in public. Even though we’re connecting on the internet, the Indy Hall spaces are typically member-only spaces by default. Respect other people’s privacy, confidentiality, safety, property and data.

    If you want to share a screenshot of what someone said, or a group photo of a gathering on zoom, please ask permission from the people appearing in your image first! 

    Most people will appreciate being asked and quickly say yes, though some have good reasons for preferring to keep their presence out of public spaces and will appreciate even MORE that you asked first.
  • Anyone who behaves in a manner that is destructive to the Online Space or the Participants may be asked to leave. 

Your Needs and Rights

All Indy Hall memberships include equal access to the community and its resources, including:

  • A productive, enjoyable Online Space to work, share, and communicate with other members.
  • Access to the Indy Hall discussion list, chat room, and any other online resources.
  • Weekly announcements & online events.
  • An incredible community of smart, friendly, and helpful coworkers from all over the Philadelphia region and beyond.
  • You’re encouraged to host events of your own, including classes, social gatherings, and workshops. (Talk to the team to learn how.)
  • More good times than you’ll know what to do with.
  • Whatever you and the other members decide together that membership should include.

Any questions?

We want to make sure you’re comfortable and confident, so if you have any questions or concerns, drop us an email: team@indyhall.org. Our door is always open to help 😁