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How Indy Hall helped my best friend get their dream job

Kevin Seidman News Item

Kevin Seidman

2 minute read

I always knew Indy Hall was about the community. That’s the foundation of coworking after all.

I’ve been a member for a little over a year, and it seems like every person I’ve met here has enriched my life. Some a little, some a lot.

What I didn’t realize was that Indy Hall was capable of enriching the lives of other people in my life, too.

Indy Hall isn’t just a resource for me and my fellow members.

The thing that Indy Hall gets right about community is that they welcome everyone to be a part of it, regardless of whether they’re present in the coworking space, present in Philadelphia, or even a paying member.

My best friend, Josh, lives in Los Angeles. Works in a job he hates, and has been studying in his free time to build the skills that will help him make a career change to something he loves.

Josh wants to do what Indy Hall strives to help everyone do: own their time doing what makes them happy.

Josh wanted to make a living writing code, building applications that make people’s lives easier. As his best friend and a part of Indy Hall, I knew there had to be a resource here to help him.

In our ever-active and information-filled Slack channels, a man named Jeff (who I’d never actually met in person) posted a job opening with his company that seemed like it was right up Josh’s alley.

I asked Josh if he was interested in the role, and he gave me a resounding “yes!” I then asked Jeff if I could put him in touch with Josh, to which I received another resounding “yes!”

No obstacles, no questioning, no cliques. Not even a hint of doubt between relative strangers willing to help each other out.

You see, this community is filled with hard-working, trustworthy people. Everyone is welcoming and supportive, and as a result people tend to trust each other from the start.

A short time and a few interviews later, Josh landed the job. He is able to leave a job he hates to start his journey in the career he wants, with a hefty boost in pay and a role that doesn’t even require him to leave his bed because it’s remote.

Maybe Josh will one day be a member of Indy Hall. Maybe he won’t.

But the fact that three people from three cities on different coasts, one of which had NEVER MET the other two, were able to come together to give one of them the gift of owning his time is incredible.

The effects of Indy Hall span far outside of the physical coworking space.

Community isn’t where you are or who you know. It’s how you think and live. Indy Hall knows this. And that’s what puts it above the rest.

And I have no doubt that Josh will take this experience of community and pay it forward.