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A Coworking Sonnet

Alex Hillman News Item

Alex Hillman

2 minute read

A few months ago I saw our talented teammate Sam Abrams perform with her Improvised Shakespeare Group at Philly Improv Theater.

The day after the show, I joked with Sam, “from now on, you have to give all Indy Hall tours in the style of Shakespeare.”

Then on her last day before heading off to grad school, she handed me a print out. It was a Shakespearean sonnet she wrote based on the Indy Hall tour, published below.

Sam, we will miss you! ????

Hullo good gentles, I bid thee welcome to fair Indy Hall, our coworking home! I ask thee now, wherefore didst thou here come? Mine ears hear muchly, to not work alone.

To work alone is meadow without grass Our community is garden in bloom The caring therein will not be surpass’d, Therefore together we stave off our gloom.

Feast thine eyes upon yon desks, black and tan Alight on black desks a full timer’s home, Light desks, by window, or even to stand Preferring flexibility, may roam.

If needst thou conference, to close a door Reserve yonder room, of that to be sure.

See now the lunchroom, to feast and gather Knowst thou how midday meal, all man must eat Connect over eating, that we’d rather Lively tit-a-tat here cannot be beat

And whenst thou hast a desire or need In work or life for us to contribute Three hundred members, ready to take heed Not all of them here, some do distribute

Throughout our time here we live by a code Take care of thyself, each other, this place With such intention this be your abode

And in caring grant one another grace People be the core of Indy Hall Like tower without foundation, we’d fall.

Speak now of logistics, essential Yon password for net be coworking Staff present till 6, inconsequential For keyholders stay, their work not shirking

Whilst keyholders stay, thou canst be here Ev’ry Tuesday be Night Owls, evening hours A time someone is here, work without fear Who’ll let you in with keyholding powers

How often shall we see thee? Good to know For membership be how oft thy attend We be flexible for plans decrease, grow For attendance tell us how much time spent

Let us talk of online tools, Groupbuzz, Slack Once finding connection thou canst go back.

If you’ve never been to a show at Philly Improv Theater, check out their calendar. Most of their shows are under $10, and it’s easily some of the best value entertainment in the entire city.

And if you’ve never been to Indy Hall for a tour, you can reserve a tour time for free! It might even be given in iambic pentameter (but probably not).