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Gratitude & Growth in 2019

Elayna Mae Darcy News Item

Elayna Mae Darcy

4 minute read

As someone who spends a lot of time being introspective, the end of the year typically brings with it many feelings all at once. There’s a lot of worry—did I do all I could this year? Did I work hard enough? Be a good enough friend? Achieve the goals I set out to? There’s also a lot of excitement when it comes to looking ahead—a new year means 365 new chances to do more, to be better, to make the life I’m living align more with the life I dream of. 

But one of the biggest emotions (and one that I don’t think gets talked about enough) is the feeling of being grateful.

Gratitude gets pushed aside a lot in our ever hustling, perpetually burnt-out culture. Especially when it comes to freelancers. We’re so busy striving to go further, that we don’t spend enough time noticing the moments where we’re thriving exactly where we are.

I know for me, becoming a member at Indy Hall was one of the things that absolutely turned my year around in all the right ways, and I’ve been so grateful for the opportunities, the connections, and the incredible moments I’ve been able to have here. 

This is why, for the first post of our December blog series, I thought it would be important to check in with some other folks around the Hall who are really feeling the gratitude vibes about their own experiences here as we head into 2020. 

Here’s what they had to say…

“This Place and The People” from Meg N.

I moved to Philly from San Francisco and Indy Hall is everything wonderful about technology and community from the mid-2000s in the Bay Area. 

I love that people are welcoming, respectful, helpful, and weird. I love that the online discussions run the gamut and more than justify a membership. 

I didn’t understand why someone would pay for digital only–until I forked over the change and realized I should have done it months ago. I mean to come in more, and enjoy being here whenever I do, even if I just sit in the corner and type on my computer and smile shyly at faces I recognize but don’t yet know.

Indy Hall is the perfect blend of scrappy and organized, welcoming without too much structure. You really can make it whatever you need it to be, which is exactly what we need in a time when everything from coffee shops to corporate coworking spaces have hard edges and uncomfortable seats. They look great but don’t make you want to stick around. 

Indy Hall is the place where you can cozy up with a cup of tea, have a beer, or just get some work done with the buzz of community encouraging you to do the thing that only you can do.
I am truly grateful for this place and the people here and the fact that Indy Hall exists.”

“Helping Me Grow” from Fred P.

I have been an Indy Hall member for about a year and a half and it has been a wonderful experience. I own a digital marketing agency in Bucks County and I try and come to IH once or twice a month. I enjoy the atmosphere and I have met many interesting people in a variety of careers. Alex, Adam and Anaia are incredible and I was made to feel at home from my very first visit.
I changed careers at age 60 to start my business, FZP Digital and I feel very accepted by the younger people at Indy Hall. As a matter of fact, I chose to work at Indy Hall because of the diversity of my fellow coworkers. I always feel invigorated when I come to my Philly office, since I am Philly born and raised.
Thank you Indy Hall for being there for me and helping me grow my business and making new connections.

Know Your Value

As evident by these stories from fellow members, Indy Hall has been a huge part of what makes folks really feel the gratitude for where they are at in their careers, myself included. 

Being here has made me grateful on levels I don’t think that early 2019 me could have imagined. Being in a space that respects and uplifts my work, and a place that has helped me understand and fully appreciate my own value has been one of the absolute highlights of my year. I can’t imagine where I’d be had I not found this amazing community this year.
And so if you are thinking about making gratitude a priority and becoming a member here in 2020, take heart.

To put a twist on one of my favorite J.K. Rowling quotes, whether you come to us by our space on Market Street or our community online, Indy Hall is always here to welcome you home.