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Indy Hall's 10+3 Birthday Party is Friday Sept 27

Earlier this month, Indy Hall turned 13 years old. Wow.

For many years, we would celebrate our anniversary (and other major milestones) with a big bash of some kind. A night of celebrating with friends and community long into the night.

Disappointingly, we missed celebrating our 10 year in 2016 because we had just moved and were busy getting settled into our new space.

But I want to get...[click for more]

Alex Hillman Alex Hillman

Alex Hillman

2 minute read

Listen to the 2019 Philadelphia Podcast Festival at Indy Hall

This weekend wrapped up the 7th Annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival, a 7-day celebration of local podcasts happening live in front of living, breathing audiences all over the city. Philly turned into an IRL podcast feed with venues like World Cafe Live, Tattooed Mom, the National Liberty Museum, and Victoria Freehouse hosting live installments of Philly pods all week long. This year, Indy Hall got in...[click for more]

Adam Teterus Adam Teterus

Adam Teterus

5 minute read

Who is Coworking in Philadelphia? Meet Pam Selle

As someone who regularly gives tours here at Indy Hall, folks ask me almost daily “So… What do people do here?” Usually, I feel they’re trying to ask “What’s the majority profession represented here?” I hate this question.

Let me expand a little. 

Indy Hall is not a community of people who all create, desire, or do the same thing. Our connection to each other isn’t driven by strictly defined...[click for more]

Anaia Daigle Anaia Daigle

Anaia Daigle

6 minute read

Expectations vs. Reality

In the spring of 2018 I was applying to any and all jobs I could find. After several trying years of work experience in two wildly different fields and approximately zero college experience, me, my high school diploma, and my funny looking resume did our damndest to find something.

My prospects usually fell under 2 categories,

  • Long shots: jobs that I was under qualified for, that could change my...[click for more]
Anaia Daigle Anaia Daigle

Anaia Daigle

14 minute read