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Listen to the 2019 Philadelphia Podcast Festival at Indy Hall

This weekend wrapped up the 7th Annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival, a 7-day celebration of local podcasts happening live in front of living, breathing audiences all over the city. Philly turned into an IRL podcast feed with venues like World Cafe Live, Tattooed Mom, the National Liberty Museum, and Victoria Freehouse hosting live installments of Philly pods all week long. This year, Indy Hall got in on the action.It only makes sense, right? We had to! We just launched our Podcast Junto Membership this Spring, and more than half-a-dozen podcasts are produced right here in our very coworking space - we’re looking at listening to you, Streets Dept., Hi-Res, Strong Feelings, MISSION Story Slam, Stacking the Bricks, Breaking Mayberry, Comic Book Junto, and Vibes. Even more shows are joining the party every day, with new shows forming and long-running pods hopping into our studio.We’re like the Voltron of podcasts. Instead of robot lions, every limb is a microphone and a Soundcloud account.

Adam Teterus Adam Teterus

Adam Teterus

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