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Open Hall, Open Hearts, Can’t Lose

If you find yourself in Old City on First Friday, there’s a lot to see and experience.

The art galleries, the food, the cool people! So exciting! And should you should find yourself at the corner of 4th and Market, you’ll also be met with an open door to Indy Hall’s monthly tradition, Open Hall.

This time-honored tradition takes place on the aforementioned first Friday of each month, and the...[click for more]

Elayna Mae Darcy Elayna Mae Darcy

Elayna Mae Darcy

2 minute read


Intro & Tell

One of the most sacred and time-honored traditions of Indy Hall is an event with a title that sends one’s heart right back to grade school—Show & Tell. It is our longest-running community event, which takes place every third Thursday of every month. The idea behind it is simple: provide a space for folks our community to give a 10-minute lightning talk on absolutely anything.

Some...[click for more]

Elayna Mae Darcy Elayna Mae Darcy

Elayna Mae Darcy

4 minute read

An Inclusive Space for Smashing the Patriarchy

The Room Where It Happens

The gallery was buzzing with excitement when I walked up to sign in for Collective Strength, one of our many monthly gatherings here at Indy Hall. This particular event is run by Indy Hallers Sara Wachter-Boettcher and Katel LeDû, hosts of the podcast STRONG FEELINGS. The weekly show has featured numerous powerhouse guests over the years, from authors, to lawyers, to...[click for more]

Elayna Mae Darcy Elayna Mae Darcy

Elayna Mae Darcy

6 minute read

Indy Hall's 10+3 Birthday Party is Friday Sept 27

Earlier this month, Indy Hall turned 13 years old. Wow.

For many years, we would celebrate our anniversary (and other major milestones) with a big bash of some kind. A night of celebrating with friends and community long into the night.

Disappointingly, we missed celebrating our 10 year in 2016 because we had just moved and were busy getting settled into our new space.

But I want to get...[click for more]

Alex Hillman Alex Hillman

Alex Hillman

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Listen to the 2019 Philadelphia Podcast Festival at Indy Hall

This weekend wrapped up the 7th Annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival, a 7-day celebration of local podcasts happening live in front of living, breathing audiences all over the city. Philly turned into an IRL podcast feed with venues like World Cafe Live, Tattooed Mom, the National Liberty Museum, and Victoria Freehouse hosting live installments of Philly pods all week long. This year, Indy Hall got in...[click for more]

Adam Teterus Adam Teterus

Adam Teterus

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