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Who is Coworking in Philadelphia? Meet Pam Selle

As someone who regularly gives tours here at Indy Hall, folks ask me almost daily “So… What do people do here?” Usually, I feel they’re trying to ask “What’s the majority profession represented here?” I hate this question.

Let me expand a little. 

Indy Hall is not a community of people who all create, desire, or do the same thing. Our connection to each other isn’t driven by strictly defined...[click for more]

Anaia Daigle Anaia Daigle

Anaia Daigle

6 minute read

Expectations vs. Reality

In the spring of 2018 I was applying to any and all jobs I could find. After several trying years of work experience in two wildly different fields and approximately zero college experience, me, my high school diploma, and my funny looking resume did our damndest to find something.

My prospects usually fell under 2 categories,

  • Long shots: jobs that I was under qualified for, that could change my...[click for more]
Anaia Daigle Anaia Daigle

Anaia Daigle

14 minute read

PSA: Indy Hall ❤️ Code for Philly

In many ways, Code for Philly and Indy Hall already have a lot of history.

In fact, you can trace our relationship at least back to 2010 when I wrote about Code for America’s presence in Philly and how it helped me define my understanding of citizenship.

“I think that the CFA process helped prime the pumps for the continued development of a new style of trusting relationship between...[click for more]

Alex Hillman Alex Hillman

Alex Hillman

3 minute read

Finish that thing you’ve been putting off, and have fun doing it

Every single creative person I know has something we know we want to do. In some cases, something we know we really should do - but is forever stuck on your todo list.

The reason it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t matter, you just haven’t gotten to it.

And if I’ve learned anything from Indy Hall it’s the value of being surrounded by people, for two reasons:

  • the shared momentum of people getting shit done is...[click for more]
Alex Hillman Alex Hillman

Alex Hillman

2 minute read

Member Profile: Emma Sindelar & Petey Greene on WURD Radio

“Emma Sindelar, Director of Philadelphia operations for the Petey Greene Program, describes how incarcerated and returning citizens benefit from volunteer academic tutoring to prepare them for life outside of prison walls, in the spirit of a beloved media legend.”

__Emma and her teammates have made Indy Hall their home for the last couple of years, and we are proud to hear her tell their story!

...[click for more]
Alex Hillman Alex Hillman

Alex Hillman

1 minute read

Community Picks for Alternative Pride Events: Part 3

The rainbow flag has been synonymous with Pride since Gilbert Baker brought it to San Francisco Pride Parade in 1978. His original design included 8 colors representing sexuality, life, healing, sunlight, nature, magic/art, serenity/harmony, and spirit. It’s popularity as a symbol is now a global phenomenon.

A little over a year ago Philadelphia’s Office of LGBT Affairs and Executive Director Amanda Hikes unveiled an additional, alternative to the rainbow flag, the...[click for more]

Anaia Daigle Anaia Daigle

Anaia Daigle

8 minute read